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Peter wrote:

How does one copy the mobile app authentication to the windoze version?

There’s Login button on browser version – I guess you get credentials for this access when you apply for mobile subscription.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I can’t see any credentials in the app. There is a Change Password and Logout. I would think the credentials were done in the usual mobile app way where you buy a “PRO” version of the app and it acts like a key to unlock more features.

Also I don’t have any emails with them.

Interestingly, they are Czech:

Windyty, SE, a company with its registered office in Prague 5, at Strakonická 1199/2d, Postal Code: 150 00, Id. No.: 04641647, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section H, File 1671 (hereinafter “Windyty”), is the operator of and the developer of the WindyMaps app.

No way to email them, it seems.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

No way to email them, it seems.

I think there is a quite active community where the company developers participate, so I’m sure you can get help there!

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

I registerer for the premium version using the browser version which led to the creation of a user login with login and password. Using these on the application on my phone or tablet get me the premium version also on them… I don’t know how you get the same result the other way around…

ENVA, Norway

I emailed them and they kindly sent me a password, which works on both the PC and the phone programs.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s simply a fantastic site (with only a small fee/donation for the Premium version).

So, I support them just because of that…and get 1h forecasts as a bonus :-)

ESOW, Sweden

Can anyone please acknowledge, that in the “VFR” part one should in fact see octas of clouds in different shades of gray?

Because so far to my experience it is always wrong. If it was octas one should assume that it was possible to climb VFR on top, but even cloud layers of a very “bright” gray as shown in are in fact fully covered layers.

Or is the gray not showing the amount of cloud cover?


Yes the greys are closely mapped to SCT, FEW, BKN, OVC labels but that vertical view (Z,t) for a given (X,Y, Z) point is too narrow to be accurate, the whole thing is wrong weather moves slightly left or right…

The easier way for me is to use average cloud layers: “low clouds (6kft), medium clouds (20kft) and high clouds” then you get SCT, FEW, BKN, OVC labels, the view is (X,Y) point for various t and Z buckets

Using 6kft average is more robust than working with ceiling & cloudbase & oktas or try to guess if there are microscopic VFR holes in the layer, especially if their size is bellow the weather model resolution grid

If there are no medium clouds 0% and low clouds (<6kft) are less than 50% you are guaranteed to climb and cruise VFR, it does not mean you will be able to maintain strict VMC while climbing at 150kts overhead X at 1pm, it just means you will be able to get on top without spending a lot of time nipping clouds as long as you move left & right and keep brown ground & blue sky in sight…

Last Edited by Ibra at 25 Jul 10:30
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

…which would be exactly what we are looking for. But it is just ridiculous to show an expected amount of clouds as exact as 1%, where at the same time different forecast models show a very different picture. Weather for the next days is not even predictable in the frame of few/broken/ovc and windy gives an indication as precise as this. That is to no good.

Aviation weather forecast, on the other side, seems to be rather conservative, which has some benefits.

Thanks @Ibra for your reply.

Last Edited by UdoR at 25 Jul 11:48

Yes 1% accuracy on clouds amount is funny

I find playing around with various models does give a good idea on short term, for clouds I go with ECMWF data but it tends to hugely underestimate visibility layer (it shows 800m sometimes with 10deg dew/temp delta), also, usually GFS & ECMWF are closely in-line when they are updated at same time (20£/year give you 6h updates on both ), forecasts may differ when data gets updated even on same model…

SkyDemon has feature now that uses ECMWF data and give IMC/VMC based on amount of weather visibility & ceiling, I have not played much with but it shows I on airports TAF/METAR when it’s red on visibility & ceiling layer most of the time, so one can have a good view on the cloudbase but for en-route weather at a given altitude that would be hard to predict, especially between the layers, few gaps and when one will be vmc on top !

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom
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