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This video shows fex landing at Bilbao yesterday.

I'm a young french pilot, who dream t...

Obviously very challenging conditions. The merits of holding the upwind wing down cannot be over stated. The aircraft does not need to be wings level when it lifts off or touches down. A few degrees of roll will make a world of difference in directional control.

Though probably not appropriate to larger aircraft, I sharpen my crosswind skills by touching down on the upwind wheel, and continuing to hold it off until I have reached full aileron travel. Generally you can slow 5 more knots with the other mainwheel off. If you have the roll control to hold a wheel off, yo certainly have the aerodynamic yaw control to keep it straight. You would be amazed how much wing down you can hold with one wheel on the ground.... Though it certainly varies by type, and I would not try this in most!

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

That last one, the go-around, had some awful pilot-induced pitch occilations!

Barton is my spiritual home.
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