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Do any "AIP" approach plates show the DA/MDA rather than OCA?

I haven't seen any myself...

The UK CAA head of charts once told me that their obligation is to publish information which meets their ICAO obligation, and they are under no obligation to publish information usable in the cockpit, and they do not wish to compete with commercial providers.

Hence they publish the bare obstacle clearance figures which need to be converted into DA/MDA with factors like the type of lighting provided on that particular runway end.

AFAIK, the DA/MDA is always bigger than the OCA.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I understand the French AIP does.

Terminal charts published by Airsevices Australia certainly do ... (follow the link

YSCB, Australia

I disagree with Peter. AIP approach plates can be used successfully. Some come without minima, UK included. There is logic to this, minima are not just magic numbers applicable to all, they should be tailored to suit the aircraft, pilot and runway lighting. Working out minima for oneself is possible, see AIP AD 1.1.2, which refers to Appendix 1 (New) to EU-OPS 1.430. Vasa Babic wrote a detailed article about this in Instrument Pilot Edition 90 2012.

Calculating DA and MDA is straight forward and can be done mentally prior to descent. Visibility is more complicated and since 16th July 2011 ridiculously complicated in my view. But how many of us take off if the destination and alternates have a TAF less than 1000m? In practise personal visibility minima created out of understanding Appendix 1 gets the job done.

Probalby the main issue with AIP plates is that they do not have a standard format. If you fly say to Portugal and back and have to refuel in France and Spain you have 4 different approach plate formats deal with. The problem is compounded if some of the airfields you choose do not have radar and procedural approaches are necessary in mountainous areas. But with a bit of preplanning the job can be done and 1600 Euros a year saved not buyung Jepp plates.

Probably the main issue with AIP plates is that they do not have a standard format

That, also not being able to read some of the text if printed A5-size (without +1.5 reading glasses ), and not always available (Greece is only very recent, and German VFR plates??).

1600 Euros a year saved not buyung Jepp plates.

Quite a bit more (last time I looked) if you want "Europe" as we use the term ourselves i.e. the former Iron Curtain countries, etc.

But almost everybody I know who is using Jepps gets them from a contact in the airlines, or the bizjet community. I don't think Jepp will ever tackle that meaningfully (i.e. offer a say 10x price reduction) because they can sell the subs to the big boys who are happy to pay the top price, and making "GA" versions (say Cat A only) would be too much extra work.

There was talk at some exhibition of selling a version which can be installed on 2 machines (the present one can be installed on 4 machines) at half price but that is IMHO nowhere near far enough, and anyway their Ts & Cs require the "four" to be used on the same aircraft (or equivalent, IIRC), not by four unconnected people. If they changed their Ts & Cs to allow use by four unconnected persons that would reduce the price 4x.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


I agree that they are no good on A5 but they work fine in A4 or an ipad. Many countries’ plates, including the UK, are beautifully drawn.

Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck, Europe IFR, Electronics Chart service is Euro1664.81, including German VAT. It covers 25 countries.

Best wishes


I use the gCap plates, though mostly for training. They are very cheap (something like £1 each on PDF); simple in that they have only the minimal amount of information (include DA/DH); they do work on A5.


Jepp Mobile FD is indeed priced at €1664 but you get only the (essentially) former "west of the Iron Curtain" in that, as the chart in the foregoing link shows.

You don't get the Czech Rep or Slovakia for example.

To get "Europe" you have to add e.g. Eastern Europe for another €600.

The worldwide sub at €12197 is impressively priced But most bizjet ops just buy that...

Mobile FD is the Ipad product; I believe one can get the PC version (Jeppview basically) for very little extra (I can't find it on their website but vaguely recall it is about €100) and that is needed for printing stuff off, etc which I think would be really useful.

Incidentally, do Jepp offer the four installs on the Ipad product also?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


Where can i find all AIP approach plates for europe?

Would like experiment and make my own approach plates app. Maybe it is possible through eurocontrol API?


ESOW Västerås, Sweden

Hi Jonas

Have a look at Circle to Land app – it does exactly that and is quite good!

Now retired from forums best wishes
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