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What should I do with my ipad (wifi only)

This comes to my mind (although I still use a Mini 4 myself…)


So a tablet without an internal GPS is of little use for GA flying.

Total nonsense. I’ve been flying with non-GPS iPads for something like 10 years now. In the club fleet I use the panel GPS and ADS-B in via Garmin Flightsteam, in the Barons a Stratus III that gives me both GPS and ADS-B in.

Oh, and in all these years I had one (yes: one) overtemp iPad shutdown. What’s more susceptible to overtemp is – annoyingly – the Stratus. I wouldn’t buy this anymore, but spend a bit more for the Garmin equivalent that is more temperature tolerant.

My Stratus 2S has never overheated so far in up to 104 F or 40 C ambient conditions (Velcro’d onto the glare shield), whereas my iPad Mini can be induced to overheat in the hottest conditions under a bubble canopy unless it’s fan-cooled by its mount.

One thing about the GPS and ADS-B receiver that I want is connection by wi-fi so that multiple devices log in reliably and automatically every time when I turn on the master switch and the receiver powers up. I don’t use bluetooth for flying.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 20 Sep 14:20

FYI, Backmarket would give me 66€ for my Ipad, while Apple gives an estimate of 145€.

LFOU, France

Trade-in (or sell) it. Buy a new Mini 6 with WiFi….and a EFB… and enjoy! :-)

ESOW, Sweden
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