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"Climate Activists" vandalise business jets

Taylor Swift won’t see a lot of that ticket price. I’m sure TicketMaster takes a large pound of flesh, and the venue probably isn’t that cheap to hire.

On the other hand, she’s obviously doing pretty well from it if she’s flying around in a bizjet.

Andreas IOM

alioth wrote:

On the other hand, she’s obviously doing pretty well from it if she’s flying around in a bizjet.

She’s also working pretty hard for it, probably one of the most prominent show acts currently. I guess the biz jet has it’s merits in this kind of environment, just think of “Ed Force One” which Iron Maiden used to get around. Moving a tour around is a huge undertaking, particularly if crossing oceans are concerned. Bruce Dickinson might do a bit of shop talk if he reads here, which is not totally impossible :)

I wish she would use her clout with the young ones to give them her piece of mind about the attempt to sabotage her jet…. and the fact that they ruined another one. Sometimes this kind of folks listen to show idols more than to the rest of us…

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

For most biz jet owners, the jet is a tool which delivers great value. For say 10 people it is probably cheaper than the flexible 1st class tickets.

But this is about politics of envy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Prudential Insurance Co of America’s Gulfstream G650ER N1875A was the aircraft sprayed, they have an annual revenue of 54B USD, and 1.5 TRILLION USD in AUM… I think shit is about to get real for our friendly eco-terrorists… Apologies btw for the very long absence on this great platform, I miss you all but am super busy atm… Hope everyone is well…

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

LFHNflightstudent wrote:


What’s AMU? Google suggest Atomic Mass Unit, but I take it you don’t mean that!

EICL Clonbulogue, Ireland

I doubt those “trillion” numbers, but “AMU” is a US GA forum joke on how much everything costs, and an “AMU” is 1000 USD

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

dublinpilot wrote:

What’s AMU

Peter refers to “aviation monetary unit”, 1000 USD/GPB/EUR. But in LFHNflightstudent’s post it meant Assets Under Management, a measure of how much assets a financial firm is managing. It is (mostly if not entirely) not their money, but customer money.


AUM = assets under management

Pretty sure that’s the meaning here.

@lionel, our posts crossed

Last Edited by 172driver at 21 Jun 14:46

Thank you!

EICL Clonbulogue, Ireland

And I misread

The ease with which the protesters can get into Stansted, which like all the London airports is H24 patrolled by armed police, probably MP5, shows that the armed police rules of engagement here in the UK are very careful, following some shootings years ago where they got a bit over-excited.

I doubt they would get far doing this right under the noses of some police forces on the mainland…

Assuming the paint is oil based and thus doesn’t just wash off, what can one do? Solvent and re-spray the area? The paint will have got under rubber seals…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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