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Finding flying friends


Got my PPL earlier this year, and am starting to study for my IR(R).
To date I’ve spent all time in single engine cessnas (except for one flight in an arrow).

I feel like a good way to build some familiarity with other aircraft types, new airfields and different flying styles would be to find some other pilots who might be interested in having another pilot join them on a trip – and vice versa.
Anybody had any luck with this before? or am I barking up the wrong tree?

P.S. If anybody is going flying this Friday (23rd Sep), wants a flying buddy and is within coo-ee of central London I’d love to join – will bring snacks and can contribute towards costs within reason.

EGTO, United Kingdom

What a great approach! Lots of UK based pilots here, I’m sure someone can point you in the right direction, abit more notice may be needed. Best of luck! :-)

ESOW, Sweden

Thanks! Very true on the notice! Doesn’t have to be tomorrow at all – I’m just keen to go flying.

Also, for clarity: I’m happy to flying right seat – or even in the back.

EGTO, United Kingdom

mnbbrown wrote:

Anybody had any luck with this before? or am I barking up the wrong tree?

No harm in posting it on Facebook on some of the groups there, like UK Private Pilots Community and GA Aviation Community too. The best way might be to buy a small share in an aeroplane at some of the London airfields and go from there. Could be cheaper than hiring and more flexible.

Buying, Selling, Flying
EISG, Ireland

We have some members who fly in London who should be able to offer seat, no harm asking in UK FB group or better go to nearby airfields like Rochester, Headcorn, Stapleford and ask people around (this worked for me in Stapleford)

I am likely visiting east London with friend this Sunday 25th from France early morning, then heading to Duxford afternoon before return to France late evening, PM if you fancy 3rd seat to the museum, sadly it’s C172 so you may not enjoy it that much !

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

To be honest, by far, the best place will be in your own club or group.

Once someone is outside the group/club all that they can really do is be a passenger.

But if you find someone (preferably with similar abilities to yourself) in your own club or group, then you can share the flying. One flys out and the other back, or swap legs. It will allow you to fly much further on the same budget and get more air time and both get to do some flying.

EIWT Weston, Ireland
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