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License issue time from Austro Control

Was wondering if any one knows how long it takes Austro Control to mail a PPL(A) license. I just finished a conversion from FAA and the school told me they submitted the paperwork. Was wondering how long (usually) I have to wait for the license so I can actually go fly.

Thank you.


Hi Rus,
when I got my PPL, they sent it the following day (day after exam!) and I got it about one week later.
Same game when doing my NVFR.

Hope it helps


^^ @ UK CAA – I hope you’re reading that…^^^

IME a couple of days. I did a SOLI change UK > Austria for my EASA license and as I was about to travel to Vienna anyway had them send the license to friends there. Just checked the email trail and the license arrived two days after the last email between myself and AustroControl.

It took me year and a half, from LBA to Austrocontrol, to get my fATPL transferred. I will admit it was bad timing on my side, I applied for it at beginning of Corona (when LBA just decided to shut down completely) and AustroControl was flooded with UK licenses.

LEBL, Spain

Well good news license was super quick matter of days. Bad news since I am transferring the medical from Spain (should have just went to Austria to get it done) it will take months. And you can’t get your license until the medical transfers the bureaucracy ….


From application in January 2021 until issue April 2022. It should normalize now after the BREXIT related SOLIS cool down. Depends on the ex-NAAs and how quick they send the docs.

always learning
LO__, Austria

@Snoopy mind defining SOLIS and ex-NAA to those that are illiterate in the acronym speak. Thank you.


SOLI = State of License
SOLIS = States of License
Ex NAA = previous National Aviation Authority State of License

always learning
LO__, Austria

SOLI = State of Licence Issue – I think the last “s” was supposed to be small.

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