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Hi, I am looking for POH for 1968 Reims Rocket 172 model E. Do someone have something?

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

I have a huge collection of manuals, and these have “1968” in the filename

These have “172” in the filename

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I wonder do Cessna Support provide manuals for Reims Cessna’s in the same way they do for Wichita build ones?

EDIT – I had a look. They do support Reims ones in the same way. However, in this instance, they don’t have old POH/AFM listed for a 1968 model.

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EIBR, Ireland

There were two versions of the C172 ‘Rocket’.

  • The original 210hp Reims Rocket which was only produced in France (FR172)
  • The 195hp ‘Hawk XP’ which was produced both in France (FR172) and the US (R172) from 1977

Looks like Cessna US does not have the POH for the former of the two as they never built any.

Biggin Hill

Well, that’s bad. I need POH for E model, 210HP FR172. I have only one E in Czech Republic, here are few F, G, and later models.
I think I will go crazy about it. And last owner, Warszawski Aeroklub did not respond for my question, if they still have original POH.

I found parts catalog, it is on textron web for free, I found maintenance manual, but no flight manual. Maybe someone with E model will have, and be willing to scan it for me.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic
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