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Cars (all fuels and electric)

looking at the astonishing (to me) fact that even in low wage countries where there is practically no pressure from the government to this day for electrification of cars, they are taking off anyway, makes me think that there are still quite a few people who see EVs as desirable nevertheless

This is similar to what I used to call “the 21st century Italy Syndrome”, an interest in emulating more economically successful EU countries in consumer purchases whether or not it makes sense, and in the present case whether or not they have to fall prey to the Chinese in order to do it.

Another factor may be that people in poorer countries don’t have so much money to travel anyway, so the range limitation is less significant.

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Ha, Sabine Hossenfelder showing her true colors doing PR for her new hybrid car while “explaining” why it is better than pure EV

Anyway. I find it a bit odd that the consumption of electricity per capita in Norway has not grown the last 20 years, even though we have the highest density of EVs in the world. The only reason for more demand is to sell (overpriced) electricity balancing to Germany

The US might have problems scaling their electric grid due to low density of people and vast distances, but (overpopulated) Germany? I mean come on, it’s as silly as it gets.

What we are seeing now, is more and more political lobbying. The entire European and Japanese car industry is in serious trouble when going to EVs because of Chinese and Korean manufacturers, along with Tesla, being ahead in the game. They simply make better cars at a lower price than the traditional manufacturers.

The elephant is the circulation

Interesting that the demand for Oil has not fallen in spite of plentiful cheap Hydro

United Kingdom

That guy reaches a conclusion without looking into why that is.

I mean if you take if on face value, then clearly either

a) People are buying EV (and stopping buying ICE) but not driving the EV at all and continuing to drive the ICE (but never changing the ICE either).
b) People are doing extra journeys in the ICE to make up for the fuel saved by their EV.

Neither make any sense.

His explanation of people only doing city journeys in EV and longer journeys in ICE wouldn’t account for the lack of fall in oil usage. For most people, short journeys are their day to day usage and longer journeys are the exception.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I suspect it’s probably some combination of:
- It’s probably fallen a little bit, just not as much as might be expected
- Cars are changing to EVs but most fuel is used by heavy goods vehicles not cars
- 90% of car sales being EVs in this year doesn’t affect that overall usage much. If the average life of a car is 20 years, then even 100% this year being EV is could only expect car usage to change by 5% based on this year’s sales.
- As people get richer, more people own cars and make more journeys, negating the saving by some switching to EV
- Fuel usage in transport has dropped as expected, but it’s increased in other areas of the economy (power production, industry, agriculture etc)

Those are just a few possible reasons off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many more possible explanations. The youtuber doesn’t seem to want to find out way it’s not changed as might be expected (nor does he give any figures to verify what he’s saying). He seems more interested in reaching a conclusion that supports his own beliefs.

EICL Clonbulogue, Ireland

Rather funny actually

But, 90% of vehicles sold are electric.
Electricity is NOT cheap. It used to be dirt cheap, but has risen substantially, and the prices are like a yoyo.
Electric cars are not subsidized. They merely have no VAT (sort of subsidized, but not really).
The most sold EV, by a factor of 5, is Tesla Model Y. It’s a big-ish family car, and usually the only car a family has. It is used for whatever anybody would use any other family car for, including long distance travelling.
When Easter vacation start (one evening) and people going to cottages, there used to be queues also at gas pumps
Don’t know about oil consumption not going down. It’s mostly big transport and shipping (boats) anyway. The really peculiar thing is, the electric consumption has not gone up. Probably due to higher cost of electricity, better house isolation, more heat pumps and so on. EVs have no effect on the grid whatsoever, all things considered.

Or, perhaps GA is increasing in popularity, and this keeps up the demand for gasoline? (wishful thinking).

The elephant is the circulation

Mooney_Driver wrote:

And I think LeSving is right to say that it is in China where things happen BIG time. BYD has come up massively and has also slashed prices quite considerably, they are easily capable of starting a price war on the American and European offerings with cars which are not in the luxury segment but where normal folks will start thinking.

Agree the BYD offer is very attractive. That’s why the EU launched a probe to check if they’re being subsidized by the government. Decision should come in July. Tariffs may be applied retroactively, that is, to cars bought now. In the US they’re taxed +25% already.

LPFR, Poland

90% of vehicles sold are electric.

In Norway perhaps

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

In Norway perhaps

The discussion was about Norway! I know that you lose context with the “moderator feed”, but please check what the discussion is about before making this kind of remark.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

No need to be rude, just because you have a PhD. I do my best. Too many posts imply worldwide when actually it is just one country, and a highly unusual one too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It was a reaction to the video above, about that “unusual” one

The elephant is the circulation
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