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Corona / Covid-19 Virus - General Discussion (politics go to the Off Topic / Politics thread)

I think the word “conspiracy” is a bad one. It implies criminal intent, which may have been present here (China developing a virus to kill people) or maybe not. I suspect more likely not – because their own vaccine is not much good!

What all organisations do (including governments) is a “cover-up mode”. This is just normal business and govt practice. It is borne out of the climate they operate in, where you get lynched if you make a mistake (lynched by the political opposition, or lynched by customers) and you admit to it, or they find out.

So if you have made a mistake and there is a reasonable chance that it can be covered up, that is what you do. The only people who don’t have to do it are those with no enemies or no accountability for their actions.

Of course there is a judgement to be made: if you cover-up and get found out, the lynching will be more painful And if you freely admit the mistake you might get credit for honesty (pretty unlikely in most realpolitik scenarios where you get lynched, or you get lynched).

It doesn’t make it “right” but it is not a conspiracy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

I think the word “conspiracy” is a bad one.

Agree to all you said and therefore think it is exactly the right word!

The question if Covid “escaped” out of a Chinese lab is for all practical purposes completely irrelevant (in contrast e.g. to the question if the bridge species has been a bat or some other species).
Therefore the only reason to speculate on this topic is exactly because some people want to believe in a “conspiracy”.


First few mins in the video here

contain some interesting stats on airline traffic levels.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The most populated state (NSW) in Australia scraps all quarantine for Australians from 1 November if they are fully vaccinated. A very strict regime will still exist for non vaccinated with no more than 200 non vaccinated arrivals per week for full 14 days hotel quarantine…

Other nationals still can’t travel to Australia, and even Australians can’t travel around there own country if they cross parts of the country that are currently opposed to the new policy.

The situation is rapidly changing in that part of the world…

Last Edited by Ted at 15 Oct 08:28
United Kingdom

Australia is a place that I once would have lept at the chance to work in and live in, but the way their government has behaved this year has put me right off that idea – especially wrt govt law/police actions. Despite my own views on how countries have generally reacted to Covid, I could actually see that Australia’s initial border controls worked – they saw what was going on in other countries and had time to react – and looking back it was something I think the UK could have adopted as an island nation aswell, but the political will wasnt there. However Australia literally threw that huge advantage away this year by not getting on the vaccination ticket.

Regards, SD..

Well mankind have always been good at lying to itself… as right now claiming the pandemic is over. It is not and by the looks of it it never will be.

In Bulgaria right now Covid is again on the rampage. Few are vaccinated, numbers vary fro 15 to 30% depending who you believe. Most here are CT believers and will rather die, which many will. Figures are way off as nobody goes for testing to avoid quarantine. As there is no certificate mandate, this is not likely to change.

In Switzerland we see growing public unrest and a vocal anti vaxxer movement threatening the whole vaccination campaign as well as trying to outlaw the certificates. Which would mean no more travel from next spring on. The government is hesitating yet again for booster shots which clearly are needed.

In other words, like in 2020 summer was a brief respite before the winter where we will see a new resurgence of Covid 19 beyond control. In fact there are some places where it already is, only that fake figures prevent recognition. And the depressing thing is that even if we again get thousands killed and millions permanently handicapped with long covid, still people will prefer fake news to fact.

I have lost any belief that we will ever emerge from Covid in the foreseeable future. Not unless a mandate on vaccination is strictly enforced. Which is very unlikely.

LSZH, Switzerland

There has been peer reviewed research on “long Covid” – it simply does not exist except in the minds of the Media who try to create click bait news. This is post viral fatigue and is experienced by a certain proportion of the population after any virus. Ask people who have suffered from Glandular Fever or perhaps proper Flu (not man Flu or the common cold) it can wipe you out for weeks.

Unless you are overweight (which is 50% now of the UK population) Covid is little more than a bad cold and much less worse than the flu for 99% of people

When I was in a UK town earlier today, there were queues at the drive through MacDonald’s out to the main road. I also see Deliveroo at every take-away outnumbering people who collect their food by 2:1. People are so lazy they don’t even waddle to the take-away anymore.

We have an Epidemic but not of Covid, but of of lazy, overweight fat people where a new viral infection (where there is not much immunity) is killing people who would have died of other causes within 12-24 months.

But nobody in this world can state politically incorrect truths anymore. Happy to debate – am I being too harsh or am I more or less correct?

I am being provocative but the discussion on this forum is respectful and the very best on the internet, so am I right or wrong?

United Kingdom

Personally I think you are wrong, not about obesity but about long Covid. There are too many cases of athletes reported to be suffering from it to be dismissed as media hype. It’s always easy to blame the media, and often they should be, but I think in this case I would like to hear more from experts.
Regarding Covid itself its time IMO for people to take responsibility for their own actions and based on the information we all have, decide what risks we are prepared to accept and which of those we are not.

Last Edited by gallois at 17 Oct 20:31
We have an Epidemic but not of Covid, but of of lazy, overweight fat people where a new viral infection (where there is not much immunity) is killing people who would have died of other causes within 12-24 months.

But nobody in this world can state politically incorrect truths anymore. Happy to debate – am I being too harsh or am I more or less correct?

Most estimates are much higher than an average of 1-2 years of life lost per fatality – more like 10-15.= In the developing world such as India, the figure is even higher. There’s always a bit of hand-waving involved with such estimates, but I think it’s clear that the loss of life will be more than 1-2 years.

‘Long COVID’ is likely to comprise a number of disease processes including post-viral fatigue, myocarditis, blood clotting disorders and psychological factors. I don’t know whether anybody really has a handle yet on how many people are affected and how badly. On one extreme, I know of one forty-something person who is now in a care home and likely to remain so for the rest of his days; thankfully this is not the ‘norm’.

Last Edited by kwlf at 17 Oct 22:25

On a slightly different angle: has anyone thought about getting an antibody test as an alternative to a booster vaccination?

The above cost about £60. It isn’t the type of test which can distinguish virus antibodies from vaccine antibodies; one can get that too (just as a curiosity to see if you have ever caught it) and I don’t think it costs much more.

It is a finger-prick test.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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