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Corona / Covid-19 Virus - General Discussion (politics go to the Off Topic / Politics thread)

Mooney_Driver wrote:

AZ is not released here and so hopefully I’ll get either Pfizer or Moderna.

I decided to check my local eligibility on line yesterday and was able to line up my first shot for early today. The reservation system specified which vaccine is being administered at the selected location, I chose Moderna and have had no negative reactions that I can notice so far. Arm is slightly sore. Second shot was scheduled simultaneously, will be in 28 days.

Three weeks ago, by coincidence, I had the first of two shingles (Gürtelrose) vaccination shots recommended by my doctor because I’m several years over 50. That one did have a noticeable reaction, tiredness for a couple of days. One of my neighbors apparently had the same situation – shingles vaccine considerably ‘worse’ than Moderna CV-19 vaccine. These are regardless the first vaccinations I’ve had in many years, I’ve had no prior need.

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Emir wrote:

Judging my case (and my wife’s case), there are no side effects of AZ vaccine. Literarily zero, even place of injection was invisible 5 min after being jabbed.

Your’e in the control group.

Just sayin’, LOL !

Silvaire wrote:

I chose Moderna and have had no negative reactions that I can notice so far. Arm is slightly sore.

I got Moderna two weeks ago. Felt a bit tired with a hurting arm, but nothing serious. Apparently, the second does is when it hits most people. I’ll see. As an aside , because of my job I’ve had pretty much any vaccine there is over the years. Never a problem.

Emir wrote:

Or she believes this is a side effect.

Could or could not be. It’s exactly the same as “long covid” as far as I’m concerned. Obviously there is something going on, and media just love to blow it out of proportions with their personal “angling” and political spins (the last one being a UK phenomenon by the looks of it). We are human beings after all, not identical copied machines. About 5% of the population has hypochondria, but explaining blood cloth and death with hypochondria is a bit far fetched.

The elephant is the circulation

There’s been the occasional suggestion that now the elderly are mostly vaccinated, UK hospitals are starting to fill up with younger people badly affected by Covid-19.

These figures from Public Health England dispel this myth, showing as they do that those over 85 still make up the majority of Covid-19-related hospital admissions. Of course overall hospital admissions are way down – daily numbers currently less than one tenth of the peak in early January.


The UK has gone back over old data and reckons the blood clots do occur but at roughly 1.5ppm.

As usual the Daily Trash is the first to get the story out.

Well of course the benefits far outweigh any possible risks – by orders of magnitude!

The vaccine passports are also coming here. There is some opposition but it will happen because there is clearly no other way to get travel restarted. They will be fully electronic – probably a phone app displaying a QR code – and online-checked. I think the full resources of the British Government, together with the superior expertise of the ripoff merchant known as EDS are capable of developing an app which displays a QR code… what do you think? Paper forms are of no use because of large organised gangs selling forged ones. Where there is a way, humans will find it Greece and Croatia are likely to be the first countries to implement the other end of a travel corridor.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

wrt forgeries etc… for our flight to France we had to have <72 hour Covid tests, which we did. They were sent to us as PDF files, which we printed. They were studied carefully several times, to everyone’s satisfaction. Now tell me how hard it is to “adjust” a PDF file…

That said, it probably isn’t beyond the wit of man to figure out a way to break a QR-based system either, especially given the legendary competence of anything to do with government computing (in any country).

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LFMD, France

@Peter, that Daily Trash report, did it happen to mention the age range of the 25 cases?
One here has recently cropped up. He was 24 years old and fit and healthy.


I think it’s hard to analyze secondary effects of AZ by age & by sex & by medical condition when the traget sample for the breakdown is 25 out of 25 millions, besides it’s way bellow 0.1% to 10% CFR from CV19, not disregarding any useful data or facts but the samples are just too low compared to the amount of DM journalists papers on the topic….

Most of stats in medical studies are done up to 1% confidence levels, 100 cases of secondary effects would be a good number to start with

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom
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