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European airport webcams

chflyer wrote:

FYI, HemsWX requires registration before one can use it. I tried to register and was denied on the basis that it is only available for Hems and SAR institutions (not individuals) based in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden.

It’s been available for a couple of years or so. I use it all the time. See here.

I think the problem is, the air ambulance has no capacity do do any support/admin on individual basis. So they limit their contact to clubs and organizations, and let a dedicated person there handle the admin of users. I got my “member access” through EAA, but I also could have got it through one of my clubs. I would think EuroGA could be one such contact point, and Peter would do the admin?

I don’t know, it could also be they restrict it to Norwegian pilots for now, and see how it all works out? Maybe also a language thing?

The elephant is the circulation

AéroVFR has more French airport webcams in a Google mymaps, including Belgium and the Channel Islands.

Edit: @Peter is it worth merging with this thread?

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EGHO-LFQF-KCLW, United Kingdom

There are also a bunch of airfield webcams on Windy.

EBZW, Belgium
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