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Switzerland to introduce a 500 CHF tax per private flight

JasonC, I just Googled ‘Edinburgh university “anti racist” event", as Off_Field suggest, and if this news doesn’t sound like something is far corrupt “that way” then I don’t know what else should we consider as a proof.

To be clear, leave aside idiocy of banning white people at ‘anti racist’ event, more importantly they are banning the freedom of speech.

But then again, I don’t want to start a discussion, it was just a mere observation, everyone is free to think the way they want, since we here are educated and polite, hopefully :)

Russian Federation

Mooney_Driver wrote:

Not the only thing they don’t think about. It will make prices of farm goods so expensive that people won’t be able to afford them anymore. But the movement also wants to abolish meat, they want to kill all the cattle as it produces methan and turn us all into vegans. Or they simply increase the subsidies without which farms could not have existed for decades in this country. To the old premis that if something healty, tax it to death and once it is dead, subsidize it.

“If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” – Ronald Reagan

“forcing everyone to live as even Marx didn’t dare to dream”

I think tax on coal or tax on meat is the last thing Marx & leftists would think of but some people’s political references are fuzy these days

The fact that Switzerland is planning tax like this make me wonder first if there is such money to be made? and second what this tax will be used for?

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

I thought socialists love fuel and food starving their populations ;)

Off_Field wrote:

I thought socialists love fuel and food starving their populations ;)

Have you tried asking one?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Having come from Czechoslovakia I could tell everyone a bit about that

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Having come from the USSR, I could, too.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

For a period I had some Polish guys working for me, two or three scientists and engineers the older of which had defected in the 80’s. The lunch time discussions were enlightening. A motivated bunch, with lots of stories about the wonders of the system they had left. In relation to food, their behavior in the cafeteria opened my eyes, maybe you can imagine.

Imagine also after a short period being given a few hundred dollars and turned loose with limited English language skills to find a job in 6 months or whatever the State Department gave them to earn the right to stay. The guy I’m thinking of started with fixing cars while he studied English, then ended up working in (a very well known) university lab but still couldn’t speak English well enough to get his PhD there. He did earn it from another reputable university across town and ended up a staff member in the lab. Later followed another guy in my direction and eventually onward. Makes about $200K today as a senior scientist type.

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@WhiskeyPapa, the tax is on departures “subject to Swiss legislation”. So nothing on transits. They can also raise the unit rate for that :)


Reading Art. 38gbis al. 1 of the draft law, I’d say it doesn’t apply to gliders (although it would apply to the tow plane), and doesn’t apply to helicopters, nor balloons, nor electric airplanes. The draft law says “airplane propelled by fossil energetic agent”, not “aircraft” nor “aerodyne”. I’d argue it would not apply to a piston/turbine aeroplane using biokerosene (fuel made from plant fat), since that is not a “fossil energetic agent”.

Passing that kind of tax broadly (let’s say at least EU+USA) with an application date two-digit years in the future could be seen as an encouragement to develop these biofuels and/or electric planes… This would still shaft avgas piston GA, as IMHO developing an avgas replacement is showing to be harder than a kerosene replacement.

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