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A bike / scooter to carry in the back of the plane (including electric ones)?

The obvious problem with GA is that often you can fly somewhere easily but you get stuck at the airport...

Taxis are always an option but they can cost a fortune.

Has anyone experimented with one of those scooters?

I know of one pilot - no longer flying - who used to carry a petrol powered scooter in the back of a Mooney. I don't know what model it was but presumably it was 25cc or something similar. But that would be a heavy thing... difficult to get in and out.

I would think there must be electric options now, and one could recharge it from the plane during flight.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Get some exercise and use a bicycle Maybe a pedelec if you really feel that old.

I have a Birdy which is a piece of art. Foldable bikes have small wheels and the smaller they are, the more you need suspension in this is what they came up with. I take it with me on most flights. There are smaller foldable bikes like the famous Brompton but they are more designed to pick up lunch in Canary Wharf than going cross country. That's why -- after many months of deliberation -- I went for the Birdy.

Although not a scooter, there is always this option available:



I believe le touquet sells foldable scooters?

Hi Peter,

I have given this a lot of thought and while Achim has a point regarding workout I would also prefer something powered when I visit customers in the vicinity of an airfield. I haven't dared this yet: Yikebike or we could wait for this BMW i

..but always be aware of: lorries I'll be flying into Southend tomorrow and will get a hire car..


I suppose you lug the Birdy over the back bench in the 182?


I suppose you lug the Birdy over the back bench in the 182?

No, it enters through the baggage door in both the 182 and the 172. It also fits nicely in the TB10 (and thus TB20) but not through the baggage door. It has to be lugged over the back bench.

The Birdy is also available as a pedelec. There are many ways to turn an expensive Birdy (1000 € for the entry model) into a very expensive Birdy (4-5000 €). Rohloff gearbox, carbon frame, etc.

I'm not sold on hybrid bikes. The battery and motor adds a lot of weight and once you run out of battery, it's a damn heavy bicycle. Normally one has to travel a few km at max to the next public transport.

Also keep in mind that whatever has a motor has different regulations applied to it in every country. Don't expect that you're allowed to drive in e.g. Germany what you are allowed to drive in the UK.

Love the MotoPod video, bet the RV is cheaper to run than the passenger!

United Kingdom


EDxx, Germany

Yeah but it might be worth it

The huge effort somebody went to to attach that motorbike to the RV is just astounding...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

we could wait for this BMW i

BMW is a company destroying aviation infrastructure (Fürstenfeldbruck) and should not considered.

I bought at bike at Sywell this year. GoCycle. Very clean for a folding pedelec, no visible chain, cable... and very light 15kg.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom
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