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Guy buys and flies his own Harrier

It can be done! Inspiring video:

Fantastic story!

One small point – I don’t believe he is the first one to fly a “hot” military jet in the civilian world. Larry Ellison bought and flew one, I believe, in 2008. Here is a video of what is claimed to be the first private MIG-29 flight but I don’t think Ellison is flying it

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There’s two F-104s in Texas, the MiG-29 is in Chicago and there’s a MiG 21 also, forgot where … and of course many MiG-15, 17, L-39s and some F-86 Sabres …

Darryl Greenamyer had an F104 in the 60’s and set some records with it. We had a MiG 21 that flew a bit locally, but I haven’t seen it in a while. He owner was a British guy who also had a Gnat and some other stuff. The MiG 21 was amazing to watch.

some local guys return MIG 15 back to sky
short story: build 1955 under licence in Czech republic, exported to poland, 1994 exported to US, 2013 back in CZ, 2015 …in video..


The Art Nalls story is wonderful. A true lets go do it, story. As I watched, I thought, lets call up the CAA, and put a proposal to them, and the guy sat in his desk at Gatwick, saying, Yes, I am going to help you get this Harrier flying. It is like a different planet.

The Thunder City guys, with the Buccaneers and Lightening, came a bit unstuck after the fatal Lightening crash in 2009. It was very unfortunate.

For their ops, a lot of rich fee paying customers would be required to keep these things going, if done on a semi commercial basis.

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

I think it’s awesome that the Vulcan got back to the sky. Pity this year will be its last – but it’s been active as a civilian aircraft for longer than any of us thought.

Andreas IOM

Yes, agreed regarding the Vulcan. That was an interesting one in respect of our CAA. They would not let a jet fighter, nor I believe a Shackleton, but seemed to OK the Vulcan. Did B.A.E. not agree to support for a while on the maintenance? Not sure about the exact detail, other than a huge amount of effort from the people involved with the project.

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

Private Mach-2 capable Mirage III fighter flying in Switzerland, reg. no. HB-RDF:

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LFLY, France

When I visited Chino, CA, in 2001-2002, there were a number of Fouga Magisters lined up on the ramp, waiting for new owners. Not as hot as a Mirage… but still. Probably cheaper to opreate. In Norway, at ENKJ, there is a De Havilland Vampire.

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