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Germany flying trip April 2015


i hope it is ok, that I post this link with the tripreport of last weeks Germanytour here. If not please feel free to remove it.



Last Edited by luckymaaa at 26 Apr 09:47

Looks like a wonderful trip! Another 5 or 6 airfields added to my todo list…

The diesel Robin looks like an excellent VFR tourer. Is it IFR certified as well?


Thanks for sharing! Because no mention is made (that I saw) I take all flying was VFR? Did you go VFR on top?

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Oh how my feet itch to do some touring again. Your pictures are very good and I was pleased to note you did not enhance them.

I hope the weather you had is replicated for my Scotland trip planed for end of May with Unst being the objective. Gosh, you were lucky with the blue skies.


Last Edited by Bloomer at 26 Apr 16:50
Always looking for adventure

Jan, it was not necessary to got VFR on top, it was blue sky all 5 days, at least where we were, and yes all VFR
Jwoolard, the DME is missing as much as I know, but not all want it IFR, who would use our TRIN then…
Bloomer, yes we were lucky… but when angels are travelling… you know ;-)

Last Edited by luckymaaa at 26 Apr 16:52
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