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Where do you go to practice your IFR Approaches?

Bathman wrote:

I use the local BBC MW transmitter. Timed NDB till my heart is content.

You can create a 2D approach to anywhere in the planet with the new fangled GPS thingy, and with a GTN with the latest software you can have an LPV to every licensed runway end, so once you are willing to go off-piste, the sky’s the limit.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Timothy wrote:

with a GTN with the latest software you can have an LPV to every licensed runway end

@Timothy, do you mean that GTN with the latest firmware allows the user to program a self-designed LPV approach with a glideslope, a missed approach segment and automatic CDI sensitivity increase, as opposed to a mere sequence of waypoints?

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LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

I think he means the latest soft contains a 3 degree glideslope coding to any vfr aerodrome. This means you could fly it coupled to an AP…

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Well, sort of.

You can, of course, program in any sequence of user waypoints, so you can create a T shaped procedure and a missed approach pattern.

The GTN creates an FAS, with sensitivities in both horizontal and vertical planes to almost all runway ends in the AIP.

What you won’t get is sequencing between the Initial Approach, FAS and Missed Approach, so you’d have to do a bit of button pressing…or the instructor can.

It’s not ideal, but probably more useful than using a BBC transmitter as a faux NDB.

I also do a lot of training into VORs, mainly DVR.

EGKB Biggin Hill

When based in the UK with Calais and/or Cherbourg for your practice approaches do you file a VFR plan and just call them up on the radio in bound telling them you want to practice or do you need to telephone them and book a slot . (Assume you are not landing)

It is not too common to book slots for practice approaches in France. There are some airports that may require that (Beauvais comes to mind), but not common. The worst that can happen is that there are multiple other aircraft doing the same thing, but that could be looked at as an opportunity to practice holds. If push comes to shove, you could practice those approaches VFR (except at Calais due to the nuclear plant) in which case you do not have the same separation requirements. I would also file a customs PPR in order to have the option to land.


Surprised nobody has mentioned Gloucester. I’ve done a couple of renewals there.
In my area, aka the frozen North, Doncaster is also OK, although I admit we mainly use it because it’s convenient for us.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Hi, just as an update. We managed to update our GNS530 nav database.

We went for the yearly subscription and did it ourselves. From memory it was circa 400 euros including tax. Thankfully the data card and reader played ball.

So, thank you for your helep and advice.

Next challenge is to get the DME working properly as it seems to “go to sleep”. It works in the morning and then drifts off in the afternoon. Our avionics guy thinks it is not holding the frequency. He has recommended Avionicare in Southend. Has anyone else used them?

Our other option is to take it to the USA, as we operate there regularly, and get an avionics shop in the States to do it. Any other ideas from anyone?

I am about to download the Garmin trainer onto an old Windows XP laptop. I have been watching plenty of instructional “howto” videos on Youtube. Every day is a learning day in aviation..

I flew 7 hours VFR from EGHP to LPSO (Ponte de Sor) for the Air Racing last week (at the Air Summit). Initially La Rochelle and then Braganca and then Ponte de Sor. Apart from a bit of weather around Bilbao it was fine. No autopilot though! I have been wanting to fly down to Portugal for a long time. It was really great and surprisingly straight forward.

Anyway thank you once again.

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