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Random flying photos thread

Please state the location

Always nice to hit the Pacific like this:

Ultra Long Hauler

It was such a nice day today, I could not resist some late season splashing....

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada, Canada

Another reason to stay as high as the clouds allow you to whilst flying in certain regions in Latin America!

Ultra Long Hauler

So I thought a thread for random flying photos might make sense. Essentially for those that don't make sense to do a trip report.

Here area few from today.

EGTK Oxford

Ok. I'll bite (nice photos by the way JasonC). Here are a few.

Ca 20NM south of ENBO

Me on final at Rendsburg

Somewhere over Sweden I think

I'd agree with that. I like taking and sharing my photos and let them speaking for themselves. Another forum has a photography section of some kind but I don't see much posted there.

Just testing a pic from Flickr

No, it didn't work then ;-)

[my edit below - Peter]

[I just entered the bare link to the jpeg i.e. into the box which pops up when you press the Image button, and on this occasion it worked]

Some picture library sites don't like images retrieved by a "machine" and I think flickr is one of them.

It could be more subtle e.g. several images retrieved in a rapid sequence from the same account.

I find the same with Photobucket which doesn't like to be used for small things like icons (emoticons). In fact Photobucket has recently become a horrid bloated site which plays stupid advertising movies while you are uploading. Also there is no way to retrieve a link to the image unless you have the very current java plug-in. is a current favourite and very straightforward to use.

But ... see my edit of your post, where a bare link to the jpeg did work. Basically you need to test the link by pasting it into a browser URL window. If that displays the jpeg and nothing around it it should work.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter, that was about my best picture today (landing at Clacton), but next time I have some better pictures I'll either try the direct link or sign up for imgur.

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