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Random flying photos thread

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@Peter it is so boring to post only pictures of tarred runways and wings and cockpits. As stated earlier already, maybe I will try to write up a trip report in which case I might need your help to deliver it to the forum in the right way.

EDLE, Netherlands

On the contrary, very little info is ever posted on flight planning in the “3rd World”.

With the heavily promoted projects like this one can understand they don’t want to come out with how massive was the planning and logistics support, though the more experienced among us will know how much work it must have been. But still very few people ever post details of how they planned it. All I can find out is that almost everybody makes heavy use of overflight agents, though again this is rarely mentioned. I suspect most “safaris” use locally based aircraft (suitable for the extreme dirt strip conditions) and specially provisioned fuel supplies.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I don’t use any overflight agent and would not mind sharing a bit about the planning side. It is true that these trips sound like lots of fun only, while it takes quite a bit of preparation and local knowledge and experience to get it right. But for that I would have to write a trip report instead of posting just some images, right?

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EDLE, Netherlands

Indeed. That is what people like to read. They do like to see great photos like yours but in the end there are lots of places to post pic albums. You can then link to it.

In my trip writeups I generate photo albums (I use Juicebox) and these are hosted on the server, so they will never disappear, whereas once-popular sites like flickr and photobucket fill up with advertising crap, need a login, or just disappear.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@Aeroplus I really like your photos but I would also really like to read the stories behind them.
I can see the point that Peter is making about a report, and give the details of the planning, which would be very useful
But with so many good photos, there must be some really good stories behind them. The tale of covering the aircraft with spiny branches are things which I think are of interest to anyone with even the slightest interest in aviation not. just those likely to be on Euroga. And.I am convinced by looking at the photos that there are many more interesting tidbits. Anyone who loves adventure would be interested in much more than the planning, although the trials and tribulations of the planning could well carry their own stories.
I always loved the tales of St Exupery, the tales of the creating of the air postal services in Africa and South America, the tales of Bush pilots in Australia, the tales of Santos Dumont tying his flying machine to the railings of his favourite restaurant in Paris whilst he dined with the likes of Cartier. And even though I am probably what one would call an anorak, I am sure I am not the only one.


The stories are there of course but that requires more than just posting some pictures in the “random flying pictures” thread. I have written an ebook on the specifics of planning and flying in the 3rd world to help pilots get started and as mentioned above. I will see if I can write a report with specific tips in coming weeks.

EDLE, Netherlands

Well I for one like the mix you have posted of Aviation/Non-Aviation photos, but they absolutely need the story behind them!! At the very least where they were taken and the contex of the photos – please!!

Regards, SD..


LDZA LDVA, Croatia

pic of the day… East Friesland with Baltrum and Langeoog

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Very nice Dan. This way I get to see a grey sea once again.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain
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