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Random flying photos thread

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I’d love a dedicated thread with a stream of pictures from these flying safaris coming in.

always learning
LO__, Austria

Very inspiring @AeroPlus, thanks so much for sharing!

Is there such a thing as the best season to go fly there?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

AeroPlus wrote:

but don’t want to spam you guys

By all means, spam away.

Berlin, Germany

@aart in our summer period, Juli-August it is winter there in Africa. Cold in the early morning when going on an early morning safari, but the leaves are off the trees and bushes so it is easier to spot wild animals and game. I personally don’t like to go in this period as it is nice to travel in Europe or the US in that time. And I like it much better in Africa if it is a bit warmer. In our winter, Mid-November to end of February it can be very hot over there in their summer period with also more afternoon thunderstorms and rains. Any time other than those 2 periods is fine to go. Their spring in September is great but personally I love going there in a bit more of our winter as to break the long boring wet Dutch winters with a nice trip in Africa.

EDLE, Netherlands

Some more pics of flying in Africa. Africa to me is the ultimate adventure.

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EDLE, Netherlands

Flying in Africa near Kruger National Park and around our hangar at our airstrip near Lydenburg (FALL).

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EDLE, Netherlands

Flying a few weeks ago to Kruger National Park. I have loads and tons of pictures, so posting just a few. We landed at Tanda Tula (see SkyDemon) in the Timbavati this time.

EDLE, Netherlands

EDLE, Netherlands

EDLE, Netherlands

Most of the above are not flying photos. They would be better within a trip report which details the flying (routes, planning, details).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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