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Temporary Schengen "suspension" around Europe


Interesting ; do you think that is a specific agreement for Bellegarde ? I’m based in Grenoble le Versoud (LFLG) and never dared fly direct to Switzerland without a stop for Customs in Annemasse (LFLI). Same for the return. I have to say they never showed up, nor in Annemasse nor on the Swiss side.
I would be delighted if news rules were written, allowing to avoid intermediate landings.

LFLG - Grenoble le Versoud, France

France has de facto suspended Schengen for La Rochelle LFBH:

Not checked other airports.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

That has always been the case…nothing to do with Shengen suspension, they just never allowed international flights without PN maybe since 1900

There are few French airports with AIP/NOTAM of PN for any international flight (Albert Bray, LaRochelle, Limoges, Avignon…)

Last Edited by Ibra at 16 Apr 17:36
Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

De facto same thing. Their demand for identity documents etc is contrary to free movement of persons.

As an aside, what do they do with the PN, for say a flight France-Italy?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

If you don’t send PN on intra-Shengen flights, operations will hold you hostage untill customs tells them they don’t care about you…

C+I don’t seem to care about PN within Shengen (except during Shengen suspension) but some international airports also seems to follow local mayor rules or failed updated their AIP entry with Arrêté de 2017, operations teams and security staff are very concerned about terrorism, organ trafficking, illegal immigration, arms and U235/P 239 dealers…long story short: if you visit the place by aircraft with an escort you could get into serious troubles, you better get PN right and have a nice story about your visit

This become very pronounced with CV19 & Shengen suspension, some powers & laws were delegated and applied at the regional level: we visited Cannes from Corsica in Oct2020, we were told we have to use the main terminal where we show passports, PCR tests, attestation de deplacement, had chat with customs…we joked if Corsica finally got their independence from France & Europe !

Last Edited by Ibra at 16 Apr 18:32
Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

If France is so frightened of foreign pilots then maybe it’s time to visit other places. Sweden still seems to be very welcoming to other European pilots.

EBST, Belgium

Just a note this is only a problem for intra-Shengen to big airports like Limoges, Picardie, LaRochelle…that are “international airports” with AIP entry with PN for any international flight populated by muppets, it’s not an issue for “small airports” without an AIP entry I flew O/R to Ostend from Etampes in April last year (during Schengen suspension), no AIP/PN or anything just FPL that you open/close yourself, zero issues…

Having said, there are some “big places” that don’t have that INTL PN in AIP entry but they seem to make some domestic vs international distinction: they ask for PN on any international arrival and maybe with obligation to use CAT terminal where you may have to pay handling/security fees instead of GA terminal or Aeroclub door, cost = landing fee

Last Edited by Ibra at 16 Apr 20:48
Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

I thought the La Rochelle Douaniers thing was partly due to the school next door to the airport…

Unless they have built another, that is closed and demolished.


Did they shut up shop in the last year? Original building not there perhaps, but the site is still at Lalau ?

article from last year

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