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Temporary Schengen "suspension" around Europe


It’ a small thing now but if this can be done, what’s next?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

?? 800.000 people are “a small thing”?? Or how was that to be read?


what’s previous: French government itching to limit entry at their Italian border, Nizza/Ventimiglia, though most people getting in there eventually seek to get out again, towards UK mostly. The plight of the Germans seems a good deal harder.

what’s next+: a solid row between German federal (“Frau Merckel”) and regional (Bavaria to begin with) authorities, over who has to pay for what/for how many.

(+ sorry Max, nothing personal of course. I wasn’t the first, though )

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

The Schengen treaty contains a temporary suspension clause which member countries have made use of several times in the past.

The measure that was announced today is limited to the German-Austrian border.

It’s a very specific issue that is being deal with. Don’t think it means anything in the bigger Schengen context.

I do not think and hope Schengen will end, some element will be just temporarily limited. Let´s keep this thread open if there are some NOTAMs issued…


I seem to remember that the small print of the Schengen agreements allows for temporary exceptions. So there is perhaps no real threat to them.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

The question is, whether Schengen and Dublin will be regarded as one. Merkel has made it clear that the Dublin agreement is more or less dead, as that would mean all refugees which flock into Europe would have to stay in the country they first entered. That would be Italy for the boat people out of Lybia (and has been handled like that for a while) and basically either Greece or quite possibly Hungary or Austria for those entering via the Balkan route (as Bulgaria, through which one route leads out of Turkey is not yet a member of Schengen/Dublin).

If they insist that Schengen and Dublin are to be regarded as one agreement, then Schengen is in acute danger. Dublin is dead anyhow.

LSZH, Switzerland

The Syrian exodus cannot continue forever and things will go back to normal.


LeSving wrote:

The Syrian exodus …

It’s not just Syria. There are equally many asylum seekers coming to Germany from the Balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Albania), Irak, Afghanistan and of course every second African country. The Dublin treaty can not longer work, but we urgently need new regulations for refugee quota. Germany is a wealthy country and still has a lot of unpaid moral debts from the past, so it’s certainly right that “we” take more refugees than other countries. But one million (or more) every year for an indefinite period will be too much. However, I seriuosly doubt that intra-Schengen border controls will change the least in this respect.

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EDDS - Stuttgart

Mooney_Driver wrote:

Merkel has made it clear that the Dublin agreement is more or less dead, as that would mean all refugees which flock into Europe would have to stay in the country they first entered.

I don’t see that. Can you explain?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

I don’t see that. Can you explain?

Dublin III says that a refugee has to be registered in the first EU country he/she sets foot in and then all other countries have the right to send him/her back to that country. The idea of that system is that it gives the border countries a very high incentive to seal the borders and keep the illegal immigrants out because everybody getting in become’s their responsibility. To compensate for that effort (Germany does not have any non Schengen borders), there was a system of financial and practical help. However, the system was ill conceived and the burden on the countries was just too much, especially Greece in times of national crisis. It was not designed for millions of refugees trying to get in.

Now that many countries have stopped honoring Dublin III, the other countries had no real means to stop the influx because it was never supposed to happen. They are now discussing a different system where quota would be established. Germany reinstating border checks is just a message to the EU governments that finding a solution is in everybody’s interest.

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