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CO detector / how much carbon monoxide is acceptable in the cockpit

I just did an internet search and found half a dozen “boutique pilote”. Only one of them has anything other than the “pastille” for CO – and that was just a cheap domestic one. Also none of them has Plexus. Guess I’ll have to manage without it… if I’d known I’d have put several in my domestic shipment.

LFMD, France

johnh wrote:

Amazingly, there is a bricks-and-mortar one at Gap, but when I was there the other day it was Sunday and they were closed. I’ll have to go up there during the week and check them out.

This is, but if you know what you are looking for, it’s better to call them I think.

LFMD, France

I tried one of the Swedish shops and they only have the “pastilles” as well. They will probably not have any problems shipping them to France.

I found some other detectors that are not specific for aircraft but as long as they are battery powered they should work.

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ESSZ, Sweden

Plexus is usually either unobtainable in Europe or very expensive.

This stuff, Vuplex, is pretty much the same. I first came across it when I bought some custom-made acrylic tertiary glazing for my last house, and the place that manufactured it recommended Vuplex. It does a great job.


Sorry, I am probably missing a point here. Why can’t I use just a domestic CO detector?


Why can’t I use just a domestic CO detector?

You certainly CAN. But all the ones I have looked at closely don’t alarm until they get to very high levels OR after a long time – they basically seem to integrate the level and alarm when the integral reaches a threshold. To alert instantly they need around 300 ppm. That’s fine if all you care about is stopping people dying in their sleep, but not good if you want people to be competent to fly a plane.

LFMD, France

Graham wrote:

Plexus is usually either unobtainable in Europe or very expensive.

Continuing the thread drift, in the UK, you can get Plexus from Navboys or LAS Aero. Not cheap as Graham said.

Nympsfield, United Kingdom

It has long been known that Pledge works fine on plexiglass

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

johnh wrote:

My BW Gasalert
Well yes but it costs over €1000!!! Just looked.

It is not that expensive when shipped within Germany or Austria. If it is not shipped elsewhere I am sure some member could help shipping it to other locations within EU.

I have until now used domestic CO detectors in my plane, but if it only warn above 300ppm it would be useless when >20ppm is considered high within a cockpit.

EDMB, Germany

This is what I have: AV8 Aviation CO2 Monitor

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KUZA, United States
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