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Interesting Arrival procedure - Palermo LICJ

I flew to Palermo LICJ a few days ago. On EasyJet, it’s true, but out of curiosity I looked up the procedures. This arrival is a real gem – I wasn’t sure whether to put it here or under “humour”.

Our flight just went straight into the approach, but I did see a couple of flights that did a little wiggle probably corresponding to the beginning of the Arrival. My best guess is that they do it this way so you can get a “hold” that works like the dreadful back-and-forth lines for airport security, without anyone actually having to manage it. You get cleared for the arrival, then once the approach is clear they send you direct to the IAF. But that’s just a guess. I notice that Rome Fiumicino LIRF has something siliar.


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LFMD, France

I’d venture to say that EZY still flies to LICJ vs LICP.
Yes, those back and forth routes probably make it easy (…) for ATC to oversee the sequence, though having dozens of approaches and landings there under my belt, some of them memorable, we never had to fly this stuff.

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

I flew once to LIEO who has similar looking convoluted arrival.

When I arrived at the same time as few other planes and they gave us a direct at different point on the arrival, the first one close the appriach and then further away, but none from the start of the arrival (only 3 planes
If I recall)

so we ended up following each other on the track from different point. I felt it was a way for them to sequence us without a hold.

EGTF, United Kingdom

The wonderful point merge procedures.
They are either this snake-kind or with a large arc around a fix.
By hearth i know DUB has (or at least had) the arcs. And the snakes are definitely also at BCN, MXP.

EBZW, Belgium

Snakes are common in Germany as well.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden
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