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Planning my first flight to Cannes

Thankfully the DSAC south see the blue circles as a mild reproach.
It’s a pity DSAC north do not see things the same way at LFPN.


My 2 cents….
About the blue circle, I had one cut once by no more than 5 meters during the VPT and got only an email from the airport manager.
It was no more than a fair warning and got nothing after. The reason I cut it was because I turned too soon in a PA28 – used to do it in a 140kias before.
I mean if you had a blue zone just bordered, you won’t get a trouble – although it’s not difficult to avoid. But sometimes there are big jets that doesn’t give sh..t of these and got fined.

About the navigation planning in VFR to Cannes, I would suggest 2 of them:
1: For ease of planning as a flatland lover, cut directly to the vor LUC as soon as possible (from overhead Avignon LFMV e.g.) and take that route at FL75 or higher, you shouldn’t be bothered by MILS (until instructed to – just avoid some red circle if you go sightseeing around) and free of convective bumps. It’s not the shortest and for the shortest, aim for AMFOU instead of LUC.
At AMFOU do direct LFMD and you will overfly entry point WL (south point of the lake), keeps FL075 at much as possible to avoid Mils management, and plan a descent to 2500ft arriving at the Lake (de Saint Cassion, for the arrival at Cannes), stay north of the motorway until overflying the tower. Take ATIS and contact Cannes tower Before the lake.
If you arrive on the evening, you will be asked to right turn to downwind 35 (over the sea).Otherwise it will be left turn to downwing 17.

2: The north variant (with no Radio Hassle and a bit higher terrain).
The North arriving route is more satisfying but will give you less air between ground and you. Aiming AGEVU point for as soon as possible (I guess you planned to go over LTP?) and keep FL105 (95 is the lowest).
Once you past Grenoble city, type 7000 in the box, and you freedom is back until AGEVU, you will admire the “parc des Ecrins” after Grenoble city on your left, with ridges over 4000m (barre des Ecrins…) then the Lac de Serre Poncon. Gap (LFNA) is on your right.
In case you need english speaking friends, you may contact Marseille INFO for a lesson of pure french accent (I suppose 120.550 at this place). At some point you may be interested into getting in contact with Nice Info.
Plan your descent, to be at KENIM point at 7500ft, you will be able to hear the LFMD ATIS and prepare to manage a “rapid descent” over the Entry point N (It’s a football stadium). At this point, you may see some white observatories bubbles on the last mountain ridge before the sea, this is “plateau de Caussol” and this is an extended centerline point for runway 17 at Cannes with a Vpath at ~-3 degree (4200ft/12nm). (Take care the papi is 4 degree both ways).
This point will help you considering your energy/descent. If you need more miles to manage your descent (which I suppose with a SR22Tn), you may do some signt seeing turns over the Lake (de Saint Cassien) but you will have to contact Nice Info for 2 reasons.
-you will enter Nice TMA and need a clearance,
-The Lake north/south axis may be used for accrobatics training, Nice Info will tell you.

Don’t go west at this point, it’s not the direction of the flight and Fayence (LFNF) airfield nearby is a temple for gliders, UL and everything that can fly and you may have plenty of them NORTH of the field. Just do NOT go there by the north.

Last Edited by greg_mp at 20 May 08:34
LFMD, France

Great writeup by Greg. And to reinforce one thing he says: be VERY careful of both Vinon and Fayence. They are both extremely busy with gliders. I try to keep at least 5 miles and preferably more from both of them. Absolutely do not overfly them or their traffic pattern. (To make Vinon more fun, there is a taken-seriously prohibited area practically in the traffic pattern for the nuclear research facility at Cadarache).

I’ve had one bad encounter with the “blue circle”. I went maybe 100m inside it, making the turn for the VPT. Nothing bad happened, but I did get an email from the poor guy at the airport whose job apparently is to investigate the literally hundreds of compaints that are filed daily by the Nimby community a Roquette. I now know how to fly it visually, but I would still recommend having SDVFR or similar ujp on the iPad while doing it, to be 100% sure.

Last Edited by johnh at 20 May 16:54
LFMD, France

What’s SDVFR?

Forever learning

Stickandrudderman wrote:

What’s SDVFR

A moving map app popular in the French VFR market.

EGTF, United Kingdom

Yes, a very good app for VFR in France, made by 2/3 engineer on their free time.
They are working now on SDVFR next, which goal is (among others) to extend to Europe. It’s under test and other countries maps are not yet available, and far from the quality ofthe main app.

Among other qualities of SDVFR, they integrated traffic from Safesky… that’s off-topic…

LFMD, France

What does it offer that EasyVFR or Skydemon doesn’t?

Forever learning

It‘s French.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

It’s free.


it’s free.

Exactly. If I wanted to fly VFR outside FRance I’d probably spring for Skydemon, but since I don’t, SDVFR is perfect.

LFMD, France
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