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Transit in the Netherlands

Hey there,

I wonder if someone with more experience could help me.

Weather allowing, I’m planning to fly VFR to Poznan, where I’ll attend a Cirrus training event.

Looking at a potential flight plan, flying over Germany and Poland doesn’t offer many airspace challenges.

However, I’m struggling to find an easy transit OCAS over the Netherlands. Or is it easy to get a transit in CAS?

Could anyone share with me some recommendations? For the channel crossing, I’ll probably be routing via Calais and Oostende.

Many thanks in advance.

EGSU, United Kingdom

You mean over Belgium?

ELLX, Luxembourg

You can fly COA – KUDAD – NAPRO up to FL55 without needing any clearances. And above is not possible anyway, as it is mostly class A. So it‘s not a matter of how easy it is to get clearances in NL, it is to plan a route that is in class G or E only.

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Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

You won’t get clearance for the Schiphol TMA class A, no exceptions. Everything else is possible, even crossing Amsterdam CTR is sometimes ok but don’t count on it.
All other CTRs should be not be an issue.

EHLE, Netherlands

As the others said. Just stay clear of the Schiphol TMA (class A), the rest is quite straightforward.
From Oostende you can fly a route north of EHWO, EHGR and EHEH which will be all in class E (or G below 1500 ft) airspace, in contact with Dutch Mil Information. Apart from EBOS TMA, you can easily avoid any other controlled airspace.

EHLE LIMB, Netherlands

boscomantico wrote:

You can fly COA – KUDAD – NAPRO up to FL55 without needing any clearances

@boscomantico, thank you much! This works perfectly.

hazek wrote:

You mean over Belgium?

That could work, too, but in this case, I was just planning to fly over Belgium on my way to the Netherlands. I still use the shortest possible channel crossing :)

@hmng, @NicoKM, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Much, much appreciated!

EGSU, United Kingdom
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