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What have you done with, or on your aircraft, this weekend? (23-24 March 2024)

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ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Bad weather moving in my area for tomorrow will preclude any flying, even RC which is usually practiced on Saturdays…

Nevertheless a cool day today as I first flew to LSGN Neuchâtel, this lovely little field by the lake of the same name. There I met with the FOCA (Swiss NAA) inspectors, and the chief build advisor for the final visit/inspection of an RV-7. This kind of stuff is always interesting and one never stops -re-learning Just a couple of findings, so another RV soon to grace our sky… well done to the builder for many years of perseverance 👏🏻

Couldn’t help but go tickle the clouds and mountains on the way back, so there we go, yet another and umpteenth pic of the Cervin/Cervinio/Matterhorn north’s face…

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

Fantastic pic

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks @Peter
Pretty easy considering the proximity and photogenic qualities of the surroundings 🤭

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

‘Early start to the weekend, I flew it today off my frozen runway, and before the snow returned and gave it, and the ground, a coating. Not much winter flying, no cabin heat! Soon, spring will come, and that means soft runway so no flying for a bit. But, for how little snow we’ve had this winter, and how warm it has been, it may be a happily short period of soft ground, before I’m back to normal summertime type operations.

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada, Canada

Today I flew to Portoroz LJPZ and then used airport shuttle to visit nearby Piran, walking less frequented parts of the city.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Did my IR PC on friday morning, in BKN008 OVC010, 25-30kt of cross wind at 3000ft, bumpy and some convection between 1000 and 2500 ft, the remains of a front. Very faint layers, basically 50 minutes in IMC. The old A/P couldn’t keep up with everything, had to hand-fly some segments, especially the bumpy ones.
Some useful reminders and tips from the instructor. Very giving but a good sweat.

ESMK, Sweden

Nancy LFSN has been long on my list and I got a chance to do that during the week when the weather was just fantastic.
Flying through France is so frightening during planning through various controlled and restricted airspaces but so easy while actually flying. ATC immediately cleared me at the requested altitude almost merry you go until the next frequency.

EDMB, Germany

I have the same experience from many trips through Fence. Maybe French ATC wasn’t so English speaking 20 years ago, but these days they all speak English perfectly and they’re very helpful.


I finished repairing my baffles and refinishing them in epoxy and 2k white.

I started on the seals and need to finish them.

First ground runs successful, it behaves quite differently with a freshly overhauled mag and new plugs. The old plugs were champions with 700hrs, although the resistance was OK on all four plugs (surprisingly) I replaced them with new tempest parts. The top plugs are automotive ones for the Lightspeed EI so they cost nothing and were replaced.

The Bendix mag was in a bad way and the overhauler was surprised it still worked. I got it overhauled in the end as it was the easier option vs installing another EI or buying a new mag.

The first ground run with the new whirlwind prop was largely a success, though I’m having an issue with the RPM readout. Everything else worked
well first time.

United Kingdom
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