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US West Coast (CA/AZ/NV/UT) flight school for day trip recommendation

I did that at the following locations while visiting the West coast:

- Page, AZ (American Aviation) to fly monument valley, lake Powell…
- San Carlos, CA (WVFC) to fly Yosemite and the bay tour
- Flagstaff, AZ (Wiseman Aviation) to fly to Sedona

All with local flight schools I had called a couple of days ahead of my stay. I usually say I’m a pilot and would like to fly with a CFI to checkout the area. They usually enjoy that since it’s a nice change from teaching.

KHPN, LFBE, EGKB, United States

With a 61.75 my choice has been checkout and BFR. Buy 10 hours, paid in advance. FBO puts me on insurance. Pa28 or C172. After trying around the US, I settled on Grand Junction, KGJT, Colorado. Accommodation and food near the airport at good prices. Flew New Mexico, Arizona, Utah. Desert and Rockies. Flew through the Grey and Desolation Canyons of the Green River.

EGPE, United Kingdom

I’ve flown a great deal with Northaire, Prescott who have a fleet of 172SP’s and in-house maintenance. Prescott has it’s own airspace and is surrounded by unlimited country and fantastic natural wonders. The Canyon, Monument Valley, Vegas and Meteor Crater are all 1-2 Hrs flying. It’s a lovely little ‘hometown’ although a bit rural for some city dwellers! At 5000’ elev it’s bearable in summer but 2 people are about right in a 172 for the sort of places you’ll want to visit.

Note on Sedona: not all FBO’s allow renters to go there.

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EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom
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