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Looking for aeroclub in Lapland

Hi all, I am looking for an aeroclub in Finnish or Swedish Lapland that operates in winter and with an instructor who would be happy to fly with me a bit in the area (just an hour or two). I’ve identified the main aeroclubs in the area but it’s unclear which ones operate in winter.
I’ll be there next winter for a 3-week holiday.

LFST, France

Seba wrote:

I’ve identified the main aeroclubs in the area but it’s unclear which ones operate in winter.
I’ll be there next winter for a 3-week holiday.

I would expect all aeroclubs in Lapland (and indeed in all of Sweden and Finland) to operate in winter – in particular those based at airports with commercial traffic such as Kiruna.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

One problem with the north (and even in the south) of Finland is the bad weather in winter. So pretty few people fly their planes at all because the insurance cost for those months kind of wastes money. I’m in the south and have used our plane only a couple of hours since start of November – still the insurance takes roughly 100e/month. So most planes are out of use for the whole winter time and smaller airfields covered by thick snow.
For example the club far north in Ivalo seems to put planes to hangars in Rovaniemi for the winter. But you could check from them once you know your timing. And they might know more about other clubs around.
If you were flying a lot, they might even arrange a plane for you – but thinking about a couple of hours only you should go when the planes happen to be in use.

EFFO EFHV, Finland

Must be wonderful flying!

Lapland covers a very large area of northern Sweden and Finland, with significant distances. If you have a more precise location, that would help.

ESOW, Sweden

Must add one point, which I forgot yesterday – for us it is so self evident, but you might not come to think about it: during winter time our days are pretty short. Even here in the south at Christmas time the sun is up (usually behind clouds, though) for only 6 hours a day. In Ivalo it does not come up at all – they have a couple of weeks long night where the noon is half dark for some hours but not enough light for day flying. So if you want to fly (daytime) in winter Lapland, the end of February or start of March might be the best bets: pretty long days already (over ten hours) and often sunny, clear skies (=cold). When you know your weeks there and have some idea where you want to go, you could check here again and perhaps find more ideas.

EFFO EFHV, Finland

No problem flying in -20, but you also have to get it in and out of the hangar and so on. That’s when you feel the cold There is little flying around here during December and January. Short days and impossible to plan anything, no heat from the sun barely coming up over the horizon. If a nice Sunday pops up and the aircraft is ready, then why not. Then during mid May until mid July it’s daylight 24/7 (around here), longer further North.

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