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Hangar space in Basque Country

Time finally caught up and unable to manage the weather here in Dallas considering a move to the Basque Country in Spain. Went to school there so familiar with the territory and have many friends there. In process of selling current planes but considering shipping my RV-8 there. Any one can provide info re hangar space?
I believe there is none in LESO or LEBB but looking at world map I find lots of hangars in Vitoria LEVT. Wonder if anyone can provide info on getting a space there. Hope to be able to make the move in 12 months. I also wonder what is going to happen in Europe with avgas in 2024. My engine is a 4 cylinder oncoming injected IO-360.
Any comments appreciated.

KHQZ, United States

There are plenty of Spanish pilots here @aart @antonio @celtico @coolhand so perhaps there isn’t any? I have not seen GA hangars in Spain, generally, which is probably why much Spanish GA is in such poor condition, and you get stuff like this.

Southern Europe tends to have no hangarage.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

My engine is a 4 cylinder oncoming injected IO-360

Which, if not hi compression, u can run on MOGAS… same engine on the -8 I fly, and we only run MOGAS with some Decalin.

- Journey = Destination -
LSZF, Switzerland

I take it you have lived in/know Spain…I’m not sure I would give up Dallas-FW area to go to northern Spain… Especially if aviation is your thing!!

Good luck with the hangar!!

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