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Study material to prepare for BZF II

So does BZF 1 give you access to grass roots Deutsch only airfields?

Oxford (EGTK)

Yes, it does. BZF 1 contains the BZF 2 and adds the ability to use the english language in and out of germany.

For pilots with no intentions to leave germany the BZF 2 is suitable. For all others BZF 1 or AZF is required.

EDHN, EDVM, Germany

sw1969 wrote:

For BZF II there are simulated approach and departure in german language, for BZF I approach or departure is in english. Additional you have to translate a text out of the german AIP from german to english

For the BZF 1 you do it in English as well as in German because the BZF 1 includes the BZF2 rights. Translation is from English to German, so pretty easy especially as there is absolutely no need to make it sound nice and smooth. Also you have to read an English text out loud.

EDQH, Germany

Clipperstorch is right. translation for english to german. Sorry.

EDHN, EDVM, Germany

sw1969 wrote:

BZF II – Sprechfunk innerhalb der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in deutscher Sprache nach Sichtflugregeln

Right, I had forgotten that sentence.
The thing is that I already have the FCL.055 on my French licence so I can fly in English everywhere, that is why I don’t need more than the BZFII. Not clear if Austria has a similar requirement when it comes to speaking German on the radio. Is there an Austrian equivalent to the BZF or is it more relaxed like French style?
Not that it matters too much honestly, I am just curious. I don’t think I will need to land in small Austrian airfields in the near future.

LFST, France

It’s a little bit weird. According to the german regulations the BZF II is only valid for using the german language in germany only. If you have the BZF I, you are allowed to use german in foreign countrys too.

>>BZF II – Sprechfunk innerhalb der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in deutscher Sprache nach Sichtflugregeln<<

Radio communication within the german federal republic in german language acoording to visual flight rules

A pragmatic explanation could be that a German authority can’t issue licences / approvals for use outside own territory, since these are national rules. So, wildly guessing, it is rather about the acceptance of a German radio licence abroad, i.e. Austria, instead of a German authority declaring validity abroad.

Last Edited by Marcel at 10 Aug 12:02
LFSB, LSPV, Switzerland
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