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Youngest woman around the world (Zara Rutherford)

Probably to maximise publicity. The agenda on this kind of flight is controlled totally by the sponsors.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Silvaire wrote:

I wonder why on earth Kennedy was chosen as a stop?

PR value?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Good point, especially re sponsors. Presumably they include a mass market company, not just aircraft related business that would gain little advantage from TV coverage.

The marketing play would then logically be to non-pilots interested in the accomplishments of women specifically. I guess you take the advertising money from wherever it comes.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 28 Aug 18:27

LeSving wrote:

16 year olds walking through the wilderness of Alaska, or Svalbard and so on, alone only with one or two dogs, for several months. This is similar,

No, it’s not – in many respects it is more of the complete opposite!

Surviving in the wilderness for several months is 10% planning and 90% on the spot skills and decision making. These round the world flying record attempts is 98% planning and 2% on the spot skills and decision making. She doesn’t even need to know what the weather is as she has a 24/7 sat phone connection to an operation center telling her to go on or turn around.

The sailing community has realized that and is no longer recognizing such “youngest to…” records (even though in sailing the individual contribution is even higher). Flying community needs to do the same.


Malibuflyer wrote:

Flying community needs to do the same

So what should we do? Delete topics here which relate to any “youngest” guy, and thus, skip the possibility to have a discussion charged with emotions? Why?

But I totally agree that it is popcorn movie for us pilots watching, and very boring for the guy (m/f/d) flying. Ah, by the way, there has yet to come the youngest guy who’s not male or female.

And on topic: I agree to the content to be transported, but I really don’t think that wasting all that money and resources would be of any help to promote it. We already had women doing really unbelievable stuff in flying arts, and not all survived, all these I’d name idols in many respects. But this guided tour doesn’t feel right for me. But this leads to the next “youngest …” style event. Youngest boy to fly around Africa without any help! (got eaten by lions). So. No, not a good idea.


Some practical proposals:
- All record keeping organizations should abandon “youngest to …” record lists. As in sailing.
- FAI should consider to substantially update rules for official circumnavigation. It needs to be clarified, that such an effort only counts if also the majority of preparation work (including applying for all required permits, etc.) is done by the pilot itself. Yes, technically this is a bit harder to control but it is also hard to control inf the pilot has really been on board of the aircraft during the entire flight.
- The entire pilot community should be clear about how we comment such records.


Well I don’t think anybody here is under any illusion that this is mostly a logistics and fund-raising exercise.

What the mass media print, we can’t control.

But it’s all good exposure for GA, which is a good thing.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Its still a hell of a journey to follow ,I’m actually not thinking about the record/not record part at all. It’s good to see that a trip like this can be done using ultralight and VFR.. Regarding external help- I doubt that anyone with finances would do 100% of the preparations all by himself.. You use all the resources available,and if you have ferry pilot father, it would be most logical to use his contacts. Actually I don’t think we know how much is her part in preparations.. I had a young vietnamese exchange student who managed to get about 300KEUR of equipment for student cluster competition all by herself..

EETU, Estonia

This thread starts to feel like the “+90yo clubhouse” in my gliding club when some 17yo chap from the club gets a Diamond distance or height in expedition to LaCerdanya then one wonders why the gliding scene is full of mesirable oldies?!

Last Edited by Ibra at 30 Aug 13:03
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Is there an “oldest person to fly around the world” record?

EIKH Kilrush
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