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SEP-Land Class Rating Renewal

MedEwok wrote:

Yes, you haven’t flown for quite a while, but you have lots of experience afaik, so it should all come back quickly, shouldn’t it?

You’re only as good as your recent flights

MedEwok wrote:

Dublinpilot, are you sure it wouldn’t be easier to just pass a checkride with a FE now, then get the training you need to reach your desired level afterwards?

Michal wrote:

But, unless you are out of flying for years /which is not your case/ it might be easier just go to checkride, even it will take few minutes/flights longer.

Thanks guys. For me there is little point in even going to that effort to be honest. Now that I know I don’t have to go to an ATO, and can use an independent CRI, this will be very easy for me to sort. I’ve easy access to a CRI that regularly flys the same aircraft. So getting back up to speed in the aircraft I’m used to will be very convenient.

I’ll feel a lot more comfortable doing the proficiency check in an aircraft that I know intimately. It’s only a week or two before it’s back in service so I wouldn’t be doing any other flying until it’s back anyway.

Thanks for the the advice and help with interpreting FCL.


EIKH Kilrush

Where are you basing it given the current situation at Weston?

EIMH, Ireland

MattL wrote:

You’re misreading (2) – an ATO is only required for complex aircraft, for an SEP the paragraph ii is applicable so can be DTO, ATO or instructor

You can do the refresher with your CRI, he then recommends you for proficiency check to the examiner.

No need for DTO or ATO involvement

@MattL, did I understand you correctly that if my SEP Class Rating has expired (end of March this year), then I have to get (our school is ATO):
1. Training with a CRI and
2. LPC with an examiner?


Hi you need to do refresher training as required with a CRI or FI and then do a SEP proficiency check with an Examiner (see srg1157 form for the format) Because it is less than 3 years you don’t need to go through a DTO or ATO but if your school is an ATO that is fine.

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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

@MattL, thanks a lot!

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