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French Strikes - impact on GA IFR

This DSNA site is very good, thanks for sharing.

Ibra wrote:

it does not see m there is much going on eastern side for tomorrow

How do you see for the next day?

Looks like no more strike these days, just ATC capacity delay…

I am planning to cross France from the UK on Saturday to Cannes, got an ASL, but planning to do a pit stop, so a bit worried how the whole situation will play out with slots, etc. Though not much else to do but hope. Weather seems decent so may have option to go VFR if too delayed.

egtf, United Kingdom

Sometimes it says “ATC staffing” in messages maybe it’s this what seems to limits sector capacity and cause CTOT?

It could be unrelated to “ATC strikes” (you see ATC staffing issues in Finland/Germany)

Last Edited by Ibra at 25 May 22:18
Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom
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