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Validating an EASA licence in South Africa? Route to Kenya?


It’s torture navigating the Lexis Nexis page for the SA CARs. Will provide links later today.

Pieter Wiese at Worcester Flying Club might help. Coincidentally I am with him at Worcester SA right now. His number is in your personal inbox.


London, United Kingdom

I was there in late 2016.
The validation was done in about 2 days at a flight school in Springs (FASI) east of Johannesburg. Waiting in line at the CAA took the better part of an afternoon though.
Navigation, low flying, short strip and bush training was done after the actual validation.

ESMK, Sweden


There are three exams for conversion to an SACAA PPL without an instrument rating. Air law, meteorology, & flight performance and planning. SA CAR 61.01.13, point (27)(a). For a validation only the air law exam is needed.

You’ll need to be issued a South African licence number before writing any exams, including the single (air law) paper needed for a PPL/VFR validation. Amanda Haverkamp with SACAA personnel licensing will issue the number after verifying your foreign licence. Email her copies of your foreign licence, medical, passport ID page, possibly the last three pages of your flying logbook, and an outline of the reason for the request.

Once you’ve done the training, exams and skills test, it will take the authority about ten days to issue the licence.

London, United Kingdom

Xtophe wrote:

Validation and conversion have very different meaning in ICAO annex 1 and all the (supra-)national flight crew licensing laws/regulations.

Ah that’s probably the confusion.. and I confused myself using those words interchangeably. Sorry about that. I would like to do the earlier mentioned 5 year SACAA Foreign License Validation. I didn’t mention that specifically in my e-mail to the flightschool in Stellenbosch, so guess that’s why they proposed the conversion route. I will give them a call tomorrow and check with them.

Thank you very much for checking the Lexis Nexis and providing me the number @Qalupalik. If I can’t sort it out tomorrow, I’ll give Pieter Wiese a call!

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EHLE, EDLS, Netherlands


The validation is preferred as it allows piloting any aircraft permitted by the foreign licence. Were you to convert, differences training would be required before flying different aircraft makes within a class. Further, in the case of a licence, a competency check is required 12 months after issue and thereafter each 24 months. There is also an annual currency fee for licences. The SACAA does not allow a licence competency check to be done outside of the country.

Note the PPL/VFR skills test requirement for validations and conversions: “__The cross-country navigation flight of the skills test shall not be less than 200 nautical miles total distance and must include take-offs and landings at two aerodromes away from base. At least one of the aerodromes from which the aircraft takes off for this flight shall be an aerodrome at which an Air Traffic Services Unit (ATSU) is in operation.__” SA-CATS 61.03.4—1.(3).

Edited to add that the Pilot Exams SA site has a reasonably accurate air law question bank. The exam is a 45-minute 29-question multiple choice paper done on a computer under video surveillance, pass mark 75%.

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London, United Kingdom
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