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Does PPL or CPL include LAPL privileges?

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LeSving wrote:

Can I … use LAPL privileges on my PPL … ?

There is a relevant proposed amendment to the Aircrew Regulation for this scenario. Summaries of relevant proposed rules are notified in EASA Opinion No 05/2017.

On p 11 of the opinion:

FCL.040 Exercise of the privileges of licences
This point was amended to make sure that the medical certificate held only has to comply with the
privileges exercised and not with the licence held. This has become necessary because the private pilot
licence (PPL) now also includes the privileges for the LAPL.

On p 12 of the opinion:

FCL.205.A PPL(A) — privileges
In (a), the exercise of all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL(A) is included in the privileges for the
holder of a PPL(A) to avoid unnecessary administrative burden on GA pilots when they do no longer
fulfil the conditions for a Class 2 medical certificate, but those for an LAPL medical certificate. With this
amendment, GA pilots do not need to have an LAPL(A) issued but may use their PPL(A) as an LAPL(A).

The proposed rules with amended parts underlined are:

FCL.040 Exercise of the privileges of licences
The exercise of the privileges granted by a licence shall be dependent upon the validity of the ratings
contained therein, if applicable, and of the medical certificate as appropriate to the privileges exercised.
FCL.205.A PPL(A) — privileges
(a) The privileges of holders of a PPL(A) are to act without remuneration as PIC or co-pilots of
aeroplanes or TMGs engaged in non-commercial operations and exercise all privileges of holders of an

UK using a flexibility provision in the Basic Regulation presently applies equivalent rules to the holder of a UK-granted Part-FCL PPL or LAPL (or implicitly CPL or ATPL) while operating UK-registered aircraft wholly within the UK or one of the Crown Dependencies. The exemptions are formally notified as General Exemption E 4665 published in ORS 4 No 1260 of 5 Apr 2018. In addition UK deems the NPPL and UK PPL/CPL/ATPL valid, with restrictions, for EASA aircraft at the Part-FCL LAPL privilege level through through General Exemption E 4707 published in ORS4 No 1269 of 29 May 2018. Documents at

London, United Kingdom

Balliol wrote:

If you wish to use a PPL with a LAPL medical you have to surrender the PPL and be reissued with a LAPL. A PPL does not contain a LAPL in Section II of your licence.

That’s excessive considering the impending change to the Aircrew Regulation.

London, United Kingdom

Many UK pilots have an EASA PPL, which requires an EASA Class2 Medical as stated, and also a UK National PPL, which I think degrades to a UK NPPL, only useable with non-EASA aircraft.
I have both, and my old UK ICAO lifetime license may also still be valid for non-EASA aircraft. It says JAR on it, as it was re-issued when I changed address in 2006.
And after April???

EGPE, United Kingdom

Qalupalik wrote:

Summaries of relevant proposed rules are notified in EASA Opinion No 05/2017.

This is very interesting. This basically means as of today, LAPL is not part of the privileges of PPL? Do you know when this proposal will be implemented?

The elephant is the circulation

Qalupalik wrote:

That’s correct. Presently without an exemption a Part-FCL PPL(A) cannot be used as a LAPL(A) as might, for example, be desired in the case of reduced medical fitness. This will be put right in the amended Aircrew Regulation expected to be in effect by the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

Good that it will be. Got a reply from the authorities also. A PPL does not include LAPL privileges.

The elephant is the circulation

LeSving wrote:

A PPL does not include LAPL privileges.

Whereas LAPL privileges are included in a CPL.

FCL.305 CPL — Privileges and conditions
(a) Privileges. The privileges of the holder of a CPL are, within the appropriate aircraft category, to:
(1) exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL and a PPL; …
London, United Kingdom

Great news

A couple of months ago I got an answer from the CAA, that PPL does not include LAPL privileges. But in the last Flynytt magazine it states the CAA now has reached a different opinion, same as the Danish CAA.

The PPL includes LAPL privileges. Some have even already downgraded to LAPL (only), because that what’s the CAA said. But they are now being given the opportunity to get back their PPL due to this new opinion. This also means (according to the article):

  • I only need to get a medical every two years, instead of every year.
  • When flying on my LAPL privileges, I have to follow LAPL regulations (2000 kg MTOW, max 4 on board etc)
  • I can still hold and use my PPL (indefinitely), even though I only have a LAPL medical – as long as I only use my LAPL privileges/regulations.

I mean, MTOW 2000 kg, VFR + VFR Night, acro, max 4. That’s all the flying I do, and from now on I only need to go to my “house doctor” and get a LAPL medical every other year, and my PPL is as valid as ever.

The elephant is the circulation

That’s all the flying I do/intend doing, but I’ve got a Class 2 medical booked for next week. Otherwise my FAA 61.75 will be invalid.

EGPE, United Kingdom

In 2017 the Danish CAA explicitly clarified that LAPL privileges are included in the PPL, and that downgrading a Class 2 medical to a Class LAPL medical would not require the pilot to surrender his PPL certificate. He should just limit himself to LAPL privileges. As Qulupalik says, the EASA regs are being updated to make that clear.

But that still leaves the question about how flying privileges are maintained (e.g. until you get your Class 2 medical back), as there is no class rating and no expiry date associated with an LAPL.

Last Edited by huv at 27 Nov 15:46
EKRK, Denmark

ORS4 1293 appears to say, if I read it correctly, and for UK PPL holders, that they now include LAPL privileges, until 7th April 2020.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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