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"Do I need an instructor?" Flow chart

In our club and associated ATO there’s always someone asking around whether they need an instructor for something, and if yes, which variety of instructior.

As EASA FCL in it’s raw form can be irritating to read, I composed a flow chart intented to give simple guidance on the matter by pointing out the underlying structure.
I plan to put the German version up in the clubhouse.

Please tell me if you see any errors, or have other feedback.

You are more than welcome to use the posters if you find them helpful.

[ corrected versions below ]

Last Edited by CharlieRomeo at 05 Dec 07:53
EDXN, ETMN, Germany

Very well made, thanks! With your permission I will share this among local pilots?!

Airline/Mentor/Safety/Instructor - Pilot
Based Austria | Operating Worldwide

Thank you Snoopy!
Yes, share the charts if you like. Please just don’t remove the reference from it.

EDXN, ETMN, Germany

Nice. I always wonder why EASA or local authorities seem to be incapable of making stuff like this.


Plenty of them in CAP 804 Part I Section 2 Part B.


And what is CAP 804 ?


That’s superb flow chart, CharlieRomeo

CAP804 is a UK CAA document.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s a UK civil aviation publication on UK and EASA flight crew licensing (link). It’s obsolescent, having been abandoned after the editor left, but the diagrams should still be largely correct.


Thanks to you all for your feedback, and for pointing me to the UK CAA document. Being German, I didn’t know it existed.

I plan to keep these charts as current as possible and will post new versions in this thread when they come out.

Please use and share it as you like- it is intended as help for European pilots after all.

As English is not my first language, I also highly appreciate comments on spelling or grammar issues. Please inform me if something sounds awkward or is outright wrong.

EDXN, ETMN, Germany

Your English is outstanding

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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