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DA42 loss of control in IMC

local copy

This makes for quite a read – seems like use of autopilot when asymmetric lead to spiral dive and recovery at 800’ agl

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It’s well documented that kap140 cannot be used and must be disengaged on da42 when OEI. And report stated it too. Now we have a proof ;) .

LFMD, France

…there is a thread where this was stated, but then advised in practice this restriction was an OWT?

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

It seems that pilot wasn’t able to get it out of spiral dive before reaching VMC conditions. I’m sorry to say but with two pilots on board it can’t be anything else than full incompetence. BTW engine fire warning could’ve been caused by water in fire detector sensor.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I guess it is wise to go for a steep decente if engine/airframe is on fire, one would take visual indication or smell as better indications of fire than cockpit warning lights, of course that may lead to LoC in IMC (the easy option is to go for two engines at idle, gear down and full flaps on VFE)

I don’t think they had an easy choice as it sound a “real engine/airframe on fire” could mean PFL on vertical terrain instead of ILS to nearest airport…

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

RobertL18C wrote:

advised in practice this restriction was an OWT

It’s in supplement AD13 of the AFM (for KAP140 equipped).

LFMD, France

I know, am pretty certain that all non turbine equipment/non rudder boost has a restriction on A/P with OEI, that was why I was surprised in a different thread some experienced MEP pilots suggested that in practice it was not an issue.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Autopilot with an engine failure.

I am amazed at this restriction. It defeats the point of an autopilot: it is to free your hands and brain when dealing with an emergency. I also don’t get why this is a real limitation, because surely a twin in OEI flies OK at a reasonable speed?

Autopilot/OEI specific posts are here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Reading the report it did seem like lack of currency or experience.

Playing devils advocate, how many FAA MEP IR pilots regularly practice OEI? I have an FAA MEIR and EASA MEIR and I have to demonstrate OEI on my EASA IR reval every year. I don’t have to do this for my FAAIR which only requires currency on approaches and holds and a biennial check for which there is no requirement to show OEI in IMC conditions. If I only had an FAA IR I would not need to demonstrate control in OEI operations in IMC to anyone except myself with no criticism.

I can imagine on this flight that the pilot was uncomfortable with hand flying in IMC and sought the safety of the autopilot to gain control with unexpected consequences and was only able to regain control once in VMC.

EGBW, United Kingdom

JohnR wrote:

Reading the report it did seem like lack of currency or experience.

I don’t think many have demonstrated their ability and currency to fly with an engine on fire (as opposite to engine inoperative), I would not discount the fire (real or imagined) as reason for loss of control in the accident, tough going for AP+ILS is probably not the first priority as one would go for hand flying looking for VMC+PFL?

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom
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