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C182 HA-TUB crashed in Croatia

Two days ago C182 crashed near LDZL (Zagreb’s grass field) during paradropping operation. One person perished, one seriously injured and 3 suffered minor injuries.

It’s Hungarian registered aircraft that’s based in Croatia, and I believe it’s operated by one skydiving club.

It seems that the aircraft suffered engine failure after takeoff and crashed in the woods close to the airport. It’s too early to say the reasons but unofficially I heard about fuel problems (starvation, empty tank selected).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

empty tank selected).

A C182 is flown on ‘both’ for takeoff and landing. However, I know that some jump pilots select the outboard tank during a spiral dive after the drop to prevent unporting. Could have forgotten to select ‘both’ (although there should have been fuel in there anyway).

The wreckage has been removed from accident site and it will be analyzed in details. No post-crash fire and pretty much preserved wreck.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

This is not the whole list of incidents by the same Operator and responsible person.
Cessna 210, 9A-DZP
Cessna 185, 9A-BKS Carryall
Cessna 210, 9A-DZP (2nd time, w/o)
Cessna 182, HA-TUB

And 9A-EEE near miss on LDSH in 2022. and 2023. both cases => broken block and broken cylinder failure.

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