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The scenario you really don't want to be in when flying a SEP

I have SV on my GRT EFIS and often glance down at it when on final. I have little doubt that if needed, I could get very close to the runway or on it. Of course, that assumes that the electrons keep flowing, the EFIS keeps working, I don’t pick up too much ice in the descent, etc. Like the young CFI that landed on the beach near half moon bay recently who used SV on his foreflight-equipped ipad, cheap and cheerful SV might be the equivalent of a BRS for those of us that don’t have a BRS.

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

As long as the approach does not get this far…

@Antonio even better this was posted in Cirrus group

Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

Oh, well, I knew there was a reason not to fly Cirri

LESB, Spain

eurogaguest1980 wrote:

SV might be the equivalent of a BRS for those of us that don’t have a BRS.

Exactly that is what I’ve been wondering about for low IFR.

LSZH, Switzerland



Synthetic Vision

Someone should seriously start an association for pilots against acronyms. Let’s call it APAA


LeSving wrote:

Let’s call it APAA

The abr for abr is abr.

LSZH, Switzerland

LeSving wrote:

start an association for pilots against acronyms

I used to be part of ExCom in an airline where the use of acronyms in all presentations was forbidden. Are we really that bad?

Needless to say outside of Excom everyone was and is using literally hundreds of those…

Last Edited by Antonio at 06 Feb 17:46
LESB, Spain

OK, I’ll bite and hopefully I’m not the only one. WTH is ExCom?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain
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