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Rotterdam crash Dyn Aero EC-ZAF

Plane crashes in channel near Rotterdam

Anyone have any details?

Fly more.
LSGY, Switzerland

Registration is EC-ZAF (unconfirmed), a DynAero MCR-01 VLA.
It was on its way from Eastern Germany to France.
There’s no trace of this reg on FR24 / FlightAware. It might have flown non-transponder.

There was a weather warning (heavy showers/thunderstorm).

It’s unlikely that the two occupants survived the high impact crash.
At the moment parts of the aircraft are recovered but the bodies are still missing.

ASN has this occurrence:

A Dyn Aero MCR01, registration EC-ZAF, enroute from Germany to France.

Update: Departure Husum (EDXJ), intended Destination LFFB.

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LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

In the news now. A Norwegian school boy is missing (age not told). The aircraft is owned by a Norwegian, but it’s registered in Spain (according to the news). They took off from Bergen the same day. Had a stop in Germany, then headed to France. Only two person on board.

The elephant is the circulation

Il’s a 2-seater anyway, a quite efficient one.

LFMD, France

There was a weather warning (heavy showers/thunderstorm)

I recall spotting lot of hot and unstable air over land in Netherlands & Belgium while the English Channel between Dover & Calais seemed to be clogged

I have these screenshots from Windy on the day (that I sent to my RHS), you can clearly see amount of convective weather from an actual depression low with unstable air over hot soil in Belgium and Netherlands, it was not good !

Down bellow, you can see lot of TS in north west France and middle of English Channel but these were mostly benign from wind convergence of unstable air (still the ride was bumpy), altough over hot soil between Paris-Chartres-Orleans it did fire up, they did show it in NOTAMS, SIGMET and TV !

PS: I flew afternoon from Rouen to Jersey via Caen outbound and return via Cherbourg I just added 30% Avgas to my route (it comes cheaper than splashing TKS while getting tossed, the stormscope was also flashing toward Caen on mu way back even if the tops looked OK at FL120)

Update: Departure Husum (EDXJ), intended Destination LFFB

The crash happened near Rotterdam, the weather en-route could have been manageable in an MCR01 with plenty of fuel: plenty of cloud-base and gaps to keep away from heavy showers but honestly I think flying to land late that afternoon in LFFB is simply impossible, it’s the red point in screenshot in the middle of the triangle between Paris-Chartres-Orleans !

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

What day was this?
Sunday Rouen featured on tv news with rivers running down the streets washing cars away.
Just outside Rouen marble sized hailstones were shown covering gardens and smashed windscreens and a huge amount of damage to the house roofs.
I wouldn’t have liked to have been caught in that.
The weather was much worse than the forecasts.


I have flown back to Rouen from Jersey on Sunday, I landed at 1555Z, we waited for some nasty bits to move away but it was still bumpy & wet on arrival

PS: I flew 1h30min with detour via Cherbourg & Etreta (averaging +20MPG about 125TAS on 6GPH and 105kias), it would have been daft to go for direct 45min flight through cells over Rouen & Caen cities at 160kias, I had 100USG about 15h endurance and we were not in a hurry…

Last Edited by Ibra at 07 Jun 15:00
Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

The flight originated in Norway with 2 Norwegians in the aircraft (missing, unconfirmed). First they flew to Germany and then via The Netherlands they were enroute to France.

EDLE, Netherlands

He would have passed the northwest of Belgium, the weather was really poor in the area, especially to fly long distances.
I wanted to go flying that day, but I didn’t even bother driving to the airport.

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