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Complex aircraft question

Let’s assume there is person X that has only flown non-complex Cessnas with steam guages since person X acquired his/hers PPL license.

Now that person X has passed two checkrides (MEPL & MEIR) in a complex multi engine aircraft (retractable gear, constant speed prop). Is that person allowed to fly any other complex aircraft only with familiarization training? E.g. a Cessna with retractable gear and constant speed propeller but only with one engine.


I think you are referring to the EASA licensing system here. But EASA’s definition of “complex aircraft” has nothing to do with retractable gear etc. That’s an FAA thing. So the question doesn’t make sense.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Allowed by whom?

EHTE, Netherlands

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that retractable gear and constant speed propeller require differences training.

My question is if the checkride counts as if differences training has been completed?

Sorry if I confused you with the “complex” thing.

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I found this local copy

It seems that all MEPL fall into the same category, whether they have retractable gear or not. However, it doesn’t seem that a MEPL checkride would give differences training towards SEPL.


Your going to need to ask the guy that owns the complex plane you want to fly, and maybe the insurer has some specific requirements for the PIC

EHTE, Netherlands

Yes I understand this. But I am asking about the legal requirements for training.

Anyway, I think differences training is still required, because a MEP with constant speed prop is not the same as a SEP with constant speed prop.


… and you are right …

The differences are rating specific. So differences for the SEP rating have nothing to do with any MEP type you fly.

Also worth noting that for MEP, differences training is required for every individual type you fly, and has nothing to do with it being retractable, constant-speed prop, or whatever else it might have.

I haven’t been able to figure out what a “type” is in that context.

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