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Cessna 501 Citation 1 SP for sale with an AOC!


I saw on planeCheck that this aircraft is for sale very cheap

In the remark section it says German AOC available.

Can someone explain what it means (german AOC available)???

So if I buy this aircraft I will get AOC and I then can start using this aircraft for charter and making money?

Sounds like a good deal.

Your comments are appreciated.


I think that you should buy that and fly it around the world 2/3 times and then break it for parts.

You could have a lot of fun doing that.

Adam Frisch, here’s your airplane !!

To answer the question – I would expect that it is on sale together with a company that has an AOC, which in practice means an approved operations manual and a piece of paper.

But in order to operate under this AOC, you need the posts filled (accountable manager, safety manager, quality manager etc.etc.) with people acceptable to the authority, so while acquiring a company with an AOC might save you the time and hassle to get your own manuals written and approved, in its own it is worthless.

Biggin Hill

Where is what_next?

ekbr ekbi, Denmark

Does anyone have an idea how much it will cost to put such an aircraft in service (private flying) and then fly an hour on it? I know it’s a complicated question but generally this costs less than a twin piston, so if the price per hour is under 1200 EUR including taxes, it is a great deal.

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

I expect the AOC means that you may be able to operate it under an existing AOC if you wish (ie have an AOC operator add your aircraft to their list). Some private owners prefer this but it does add a layer of complexity and charter revenues are usually disappointing.

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EGTK Oxford

Why do some private owners prefer it, Jason?

What-Next got upset by someone and posted an ultimatum which no mod on earth could (or should) have complied with. You can see it as his last post.

[ advert snapshot ]

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

You could bring back your dog to the UK, for instance

Is this single pilot? Also would you need a type rating ?

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