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Best flying picture(s) or flying video(s) of 2017

Another year has gone by

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Easily these two

Taken on long final to Brac – after a low level VFR flight from Portoroz in the morning. Incredible scenery, even though we’ve done 4 trips down to Croatia in the past 6 years I cannot get enough of the scenery there. Just incredible.

Almost an emergency.. a bit of aviation humor

One from summer, one from winter.

first one is from a trip from Cogliate airfield near Milan to Massa Cinquale airport LILQ, overflying the ligurian coast, near “cinque terre” if you’re familiar with the area:

second one taken few days ago when paying a visit to her majesty Bernina peak in the Swiss alps. Really whished i had oxygen with me to climb to the top, but prefered to stay down low (FL120) for obvious reasons. the view wasn’t that bad after all:

Did not do much flying this year, but at least one was memorable. Flight to Meiringen Airbase during a special event.

Friend of ours took this pic on final.

Waterfalls near Meiringen.

Lake of Zurich

Flying on an international airport.

LSZH, Switzerland

Some winter evening shots from a well used Seneca 1 over Essex UK yesterday.

Oxford (EGTK)

Limbo dance under the clouds… TC above and behind me….

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Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany

Two from yesterday’s flight Bay Area – LA. First one is looking towards the Pacific Coast from around the Avenal (AVE) VOR, the second is the wilderness in the Pine Mountain region north of L.A.

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I like this iphone shot, a few weeks ago.

EDDS , Germany

Just before landing on Astypalea, Greece

A couple of the Alps

Approach into Bolzano LIPB, Italy

Departing from Bolzano, still VFR at this point, towards the Brenner Pass, with the Dolomites to the right

This is the main video I managed to put together in 2017 – Shoreham to Bolzano and back

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

“It must be backtracking.”

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