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Aosta LIMW fly-in mid February 2022, and ski to somewhere near by

After checking several airports with nearby ski slopes, it turned out that Aosta LIMW has probably the position in terms of choice and distance.

Since a lot of interested pilots dropped out from January fly-in due to different reasons (more than 40 in Telegram group – in the end 4 aircrafts made it), I believe we should give it a 2nd try.

Let’s see how many are interested, if those who had technical problems in January were able to resolve them, whether anyone has a proposal for the ski resort and which dates are acceptable.

However, if anybody has some other airport are in mind, feel free to propose it but let’s not forget it has to be international (customs & immigration), hard runway and hard apron with capacity to get all interested.

Telegram group joining link

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Hi Emir,

what about going to LIPB (Bolzano)? It would be pretty close to the ski areas of the Dolomites ( where I am living, and I could give some support organizing stuff here. For example, we could arrange a transfer from the airport, and maybe a nice dinner on a mountaintop hut (there are several very nice and good ones in the area). Getting a hotel with some nice SPA might also be a welcome plus for the rest of the family ;)

Only downside might be hotel availability in february (it’s pretty booked out currently). I could arrange for some fuel in LIPB too if needed (the AvGas there is run by the aeroclub).

Best regards


Just one data point:

Called number from website. No one picked up.
Emailed. No reply.
Emailed again. No reply.
Emailed again – reply:

we are sorry but we are able to answer only about Handling and parking PPR is not required and customs for documents control is Always available, if you need taxfree service we have to organize the service 48 hours before the flight.

Still no answer from AFO and no answer from registration form on airport website.

Called phone number – immediately answered.

You can come, no problem, for customs/immigration please email us a little before.

always learning
LO__, Austria

We discussed LIPB few time and, besides being non-responsive, it’s kind of far from skiing resorts. It could work with rental car or van/minibus shared amongst few participants (requires prepayment and coordination). Otherwise it’s €200 taxi per direction which IMO is too much. Although we often say that it’s significant in overall picture of flying costs, I hate when taxi is more expensive than aviation fuel to destination.

I’m pretty familiar with the region and I like it, it offers really good skiing but I somehow don’t find it suitable for fly-to-ski.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

LIPB to Obereggen/Latemar is much shorter than LIMW to Cervinia. See here. Not quite as high up and big as Cervinia, but fine for a couple of days.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Bolzano is a “bizjet” airport. I went there in 2017. Very classy. Didn’t have any issues, and the “aeroclub avgas” deal, common in Italy, Greece, and other places, and usually dodgy planning-wise because nobody will confirm in writing (because they aren’t allowed to sell avgas to “foreigners” and pretend to fill up one of their own planes) was actually a totally easy transaction, and became official in the AIP. No idea of current situation. The airport was friendly and let me park on the apron, which I think was unusual. They needed the towbar in case they had to move it.

It is a €250 taxi to Madonna, each way. OK for a few people. I looked at other slopes in the area but it wasn’t clear they were worth exploring.

The thing is that as the long fly to ski thread shows, there are 1000000 resorts and everybody has a favourite one(s). One of the first things I learnt when I started skiing ~6 years ago is that every skier is, actually or relatively, an expert, in fact most started aged 5, and experts can “ski” anywhere and are happy because most guys go mainly for the apres-ski (read: alcohol→girls). I know a woman who skis primarily for the boys I’ve done ~15 resorts and would not go back to most of them, either due to few skiable runs, or due to simply crap runs (narrow / easy to crowd-out especially by groups of snowboarders sitting in the middle). Zell am See is one of these, but very popular with expert skiers. Most resorts are actually quite poor for a beginner/intermediate, especially the Swiss ones (I would not go back to the iconic Zermatt, for example). IMHO nobody does slopes like Italy; they landscape the ground first, and groom the snow properly. Most skiers on social media ridicule Madonna because it is mostly easy runs and they would not be seen dead there, but it would actually be very good for a meet-up. The scenery is beautiful.

I would be happy to do Cervinia in February. The “social” side is important to me, and the skiing is excellent.

Monte Rosa is also worth a look; I was told it is similar to Cervinia and a similar distance to LIMW.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Well, take a taxi to Val Gardena (where I work), it’s a 100 Euro per way ride of about 50 minutes. Obereggen is even closer.
Why on earth somebody would go all the way to Cortina or such is beyond my imagination, it would be a really long drive.

As for Bolzano, currently they are very kind and quick responding emails – but I agree, they are not always like that. ;)

Long story short, I would be happy to help here; but I am also looking forward to join one of the future fly-ins, as I finally got an aircraft that could make me happy and if all goes well, will be sitting in LIPB from april onwards :)


LIPB to Obereggen/Latemar is much shorter than LIMW to Cervinia. Not quite as high up and big as Cervinia, but fine for a couple of days.

Thanks for this tip.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Monte Rosa is also worth a look; I was told it is similar to Cervinia and a similar distance to LIMW.

It’s a bit longer distance and on average much lower mountains. I overflew them when flying to Aosta and wasn’t impressed with quantity of snow. However, that can change in following days.

Well, take a taxi to Val Gardena (where I work), it’s a 100 Euro per way ride of about 50 minutes.

This is also good tip.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I think LIMW is a proven base for a ski trip. I wonder if there’s a specific reason nobody ever considered Aosta Pila to ski.
The gondola that takes you up to the resort starts from the city center and is 8 mins by car from LIMW.
The slopes are nice, I used to go there for a day ski trip (by car) when I was living in Milan.
It’s not Cervinia, but it’s a super efficient solution for, for example, a weekend.

Otherwise there’s Courmayeur which is also nice and quick to reach from Aosta (motorway), nice resort and pretty and lively town.

EHLE LIMB, Netherlands
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