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Piper Arrow

Hi all,

Would anyone be able to help me with the need to rent an Arrow?

I would be happy with a personal owner or something like that, I will be doing my CPL on one, but would like to just get current again, to do maybe 5-10hours?

I would be happy to pay to get myself on the insurance or anything like that.

Flying schools tend you rip you off a tad with this sort of thing!

I have 400hrs and the complex ticket on my licence.

Many thanks as always


If it’s for 5-10 hours, it doesn’t make sense. A private owner would probably have to put you on the insurance, make a contract with you, etc. All that hassle is not worth the potential price difference.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

Mark, it would probably help if you stated where you are based. I was going to say ‘go to the US’, but for 5-10 hours this doesn’t make sense, you need someone local to (or near) you.

My apologies, I am based near Kemble but more than happy to travel.

RE 5-10 hours, this is just to start with, I would like to have access to one as I tend to do quite a lot of flying in europe, but due to going onto the CPL etc, I don’t really require a share at this stage.

If anyone can help etc let me know.

Thanks very much


Mark, there is a T-tail Arrow available for training at Enstone airfield in Oxfordshire – drop me a PM for contacts.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic


I rent one From Almat at Coventry its £178 per hour (brakes off: brakes on) plus £10 landing Fee. Aeros next door also has one. Hope this helps.


Thanks Rob,

Aeros want to get you into the club to use them generally otherwise the hourly rate is very high.

RE Almat, it looks like one of the first Arrows, does it have DME? It says ILS etc.

Ultranomad I have sent you a PM.




I done my IMC Rating in it. No HSI but 2 VOS’s both with Glide slopes, ADF, DME and some sort of King GPS, I never use it just use sky demon on a yoke mount. 130 KIAS @ 24:24. Its an Arrow II 1974, new paint and leather seats inside, its very nice, and a new recent engine.



I am going to take a guess that the “some sort of king GPS” is a KLN98B, if it is you are missing out on using a very powerful bit of kit and spending a lot more time with your head inside looking at the skydemon than you would if you used a properly installed KLN98B.

King missed the sales boat with this unit because it did not look very atractive and did not have the showroom performance of the Garmin units that hit the market just after it did. However when properly set up you can access all the info you need for a flight with one twist of the outer knob.

If it I am correct and it is a KLN89B let me know and I will offer you a few tips to get the most out of the unit and help you to spend less time eyes in the cockpit.

It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that someone who uses an app will automatically be spending more time with their head inside the cockpit.

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