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VC10 ZA150 BAE Warton Flypast - The Final Chapter

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VC10 – The Final Chapter
As the meritous, 50 year, service of the RAF VC-10 draws to a close, the last two aircraft (ZA147 and ZA150) will conduct their final air-to-air refuelling sortie, then diverge to carry out fly pasts of various locations around the UK, on Friday 20th September 2013.

The aircraft are expected to fly according to the following schedule:

ZA150 -
12.20 -
12.40 — Warton
13.05 — RAF Conninsby (VC10 will be accompanied by a GR4)
13.15 — RAF Marham (VC10 will be accompanied by a GR4)
13.35 — Birmingham

ZA147 -
12.35 -
RAF Lossiemouth (VC10 will be accompanied by a GR4)
12.55 – RAF Leuchars (VC10 will be accompanied by a Typhoon)
13.15 — Prestwick
Both aircraft are expected to return to Brize Norton by 13.45 for a final fly past at 14.00.

1 Post
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