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Cessna 340 real world LOP operations figures wanted


I am interested in real world LOP operations figures for C340 at different alts and cruise settings (FL100 / FL150 / FL200 / FL250/ long range / 55% / 65%).


Interesting nobody has posted anything. I guess this just shows yet again how few avgas piston twin flyers there are nowadays. The other day I spoke to a maint co owner and he said 20 years ago most of his work was these; today it is zero.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’ll ping a friend who used to fly one…nowadays he’s transitioned to PT6…

Yes, complex, pressurized twins are difficult animals in today’s world, especially EASA. A single PT-6 will quickly pay off if you fly more than 100hrs/year

LESB, Spain

Friend reported ROP ops, 210KTAS @ FL210, 20GPH/side

More interesting data in this online report

LESB, Spain

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom
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