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Sealand RED A03 powered DHC-2 Beaver

After years of work, and nearly a year working through little details, we flew the RED powered Beaver this past week. I was right seat for two flights. The performance was great, and the engine is a great fit for the airplane. There’s some more preparation required, and I hope to back out doing more developmental flying in the next few weeks…

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada, Canada

Amazing. Be really good to see if this engine actually works.

I see it already on the Fletcher and on the Air Tractor.

Please keep us upto date witht the progress

Yes, keep those news coming. I have been surprised to read this engine has high-altitude restart capability, how comes it?

LESB, Spain

I’ll be doing all that testing, high altitude restart, cold soak start, and hot start/hot fuel, cooling testing, as well as noise testing. There will be a lot of operational testing, and testing as a floatplane. At my request, a reversing prop has been installed, though there’s some governor work required for the reverse function to work. We don’t need reverse on the wheel plane, but it is extremely useful for the floatplane.

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada, Canada

What is the RED engine?? Any progress on JetA1 powered machines is very interesting.

Upper Harford private strip UK, near EGBJ, United Kingdom
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