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C210 for sale - too good to be true?

Anyone know anything about this airplane? A 210 with modern avionics (including GFC500), nice paint/interior, new wing spar, and 600 left on the engine for €129k? Apparently it had a gear-up, but many 50-year-old retracts have…


EHRD, Netherlands

@dutch_flyer it has a fairly extensive repair history which would need to be expertly inspected, and it hasn’t flown much recently. I guess this is fairly reflected in the price.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

Worth looking at. Carefully.

It’s N-Reg so maintenance records would have to be looked at very carefully as there won’t be any CAMO or other organisation which keeps the records in order.

As it’s a broker he should know more about it. Price is rather low ball so expect some surprises. But it may really be a good call if it checks out.

LSZH(work) LSZF (GA base), Switzerland

No difference in trustworthiness of the “books” between N-reg and Euro-reg.

I’ve bought some bits from an owner of a plane which lived in Switzerland (Switzerland) and the guy says in this case he would not trust anything regarding hours and flights logged… The items I bought (major items, worth 5 digits when new) were installed without anything in the logbooks.

As always, need to do a good prebuy – paperwork and physical.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’m not in the market, but if I were it would be tempting. Truthfully I need to stop checking PlaneCheck so often, lest I end up becoming too tempted. After spending an ungodly amount of money bringing the TB10 to basically like-new standard, I find myself thinking what I could have gotten for the same (or less) money. But there are few examples of really amazing condition airplanes on the market at any price.

EHRD, Netherlands

What makes me think is the Mogas part of this plane. It seems there are just a few around with big bore and Mogas, so maybe this could also be a pithole for money?


dutch_flyer wrote:

But there are few examples of really amazing condition airplanes on the market at any price

That’s probably because people tend to sell them a few years after they’ve lost interest (or run out of money). So they aren’t interested in keeping it in amazing condition for a few years before they come to sell it.

EIWT Weston, Ireland

Anybody has information what STC this might be, IO-520 + C210 + Mogas does not sound like the usual suspects?


The fact that this plane did not sell quickly goes to show that in the end, the market for such aircraft is small here in Europe. And sometimes, that buyer who wants exactly this plane just doesn’t happen to come along, which then makes the price go down as the seller wants to make space in his hangar for other planes.

This is a fairly specific plane. 6-seat tourer. Also, it is N-reg., which, when selling, nowadays is rather a disadvantage than an advantage here in Europe. Plus, as mentioned, it is high hours and has an extensive work history. Not for the first-time buyer or anyone not technically involved. See the target group shrinking here?

The ADI / Inpulse system is indeed fairly unique. I believe this is the only mogas-certified touring aircraft in the 300hp class in Europe. Highly desirable for some buyers, irrelevant for others. But of course it remains just an option to use mogas. You can also use Avgas if you prefer. More infos here and here. In fact, this STC is so rare that people don’t know about it and tend to think this (a mogas-certified 210) can’t be true, and that the ad is incorrect. Not the case. For the rest, I don’t know how well the ADI system works in practice. But again, it is STC’d. Maybe the aircraft will sell to Africa or Asia, who knows.

The seller is the outfit I rent aircraft from. Anyone who is really interested should just contact Alex. A good guy. And not just a broker in this case.

Mainz (EDFZ) & Egelsbach (EDFE), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

The ADI / Inpulse system is indeed fairly unique.

Thx for pointing out, I wasn’t aware of that one, indeed. Scanning the description it looks quite complicated and I wonder what the reliability will be? Do you happen to know the aircraft and how many hours it was using this STC? If it works, it might be a way to get the 520 fleet on lead-free.

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